Blue Hyena skin

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Hello, I'd like to report a bug here. I registered the crash on the run installation, but I didn't get the skin even after finishing the tutorial. Please help, here is my ID: 12451012374

Thank you!


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    Don't worry! I will tagging @MightyWolf and @W35Gamer who are Crash On the Run Moderators if they can help. 😊

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    Thanks a lot for posting and for your patience.

    In order to keep things tidy, we will center all the conversation about the Blue Hyena issue (that we're working very hard on fixing) in this thread here.

    I would like, though, to remind you a few things when posting in our Community to make the most out of it:

    • Stay respectful with the Studio and with other players. There's a team behind the Studio, people like yourself, treat them nicely, please. They are trying to make the game the most enjoyable for you.
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    I will close this thread now.

    Thank you so much for your patience and for helping us keep the Multiverse free of bugs! 🤗

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