Unfair, team plays dirty and cheating

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Unfair, team plays dirty and cheating.

This report is very detailed so I need you to read it carefully.

Since the beginning of the N. Tropy season we were placed in a league in which a clan called "Team on the Run!" Clan ID (721752970).

Well, what is happening in "Team on the Run" is that from the first day one of its players called "Aasif4u" began to raise trophies in an exaggerated way, at the beginning we do not pay much attention because we know that there are players who saved steps from last season.

But the problem started when the player Aasif4u surpassed 33,000 more trophies then 58,000 then 66,000 and finally 86,000 in less than 3 days

Finally on Wednesday the player rose to 110,000 trophies! .

Today, Thursday, the player's account disappeared from his clan, at first we all thought that they banned him or set his trophies to 0. but it was not like that.

What happened was that the clan leader kicked the player's account so that the trophies that the player contributed would stay in the clan and thus prevent the player's account from being banned by reports, it was not only that but that also hours later another new account reappeared in his clan with the same player name "Asif4u" and that account was freshly made since it had no level (1-4) and few power gems.

Today afternoon at 4:00 p.m. the new "Asif4u" account went up to 23,000 trophies and today at 9:00 am the account only had 1240 trophies, The most likely thing is that the player returns to raise more trophies in an exaggerated way tonight

It seems what the clan leader is doing is collude with the hack player where they agree to make this type of dirty plays, raise trophies with hacks and then kick the account and that the clan keep the trophies and re-enter a new clean account to repeat the same cycle over and over again.

I spoke for all the players in that league that we cannot compete against a clan whose cheating player and a leader collude to generate trophies in the easiest, most unfair and effortless way.

It is extremely unfair that we spend our time, money and effort to generate trophies legally and that we have to compete with these types of clans that play very dirty and impossible to reach.

Please we need you to do something as the leader and the hack player are repeating the same cycle over and over again without the other clans being able to compete fairly.

I hope you can help solve this problem since it seems that this clan finds it very easy to make these types of dirty plays.


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