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  • NatalieArefjeva
    NatalieArefjeva Posts: 42 Level 2

    Smaller treasure chests have 1 ticket in them, bigger ones have two. Very big chests at end of streak of 7 have none. I often get perfect score but never an extra ticket for that. I get 1 point for loosing game. 3 for tie, 5 for win even if opponent left, 7 for perfect game. Plus there extra points for reaching end if streak.

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,519 Level 5

    The conversation here becomes very interesting! Sorry but now I have not time to answer, but I will return later in the day!!

  • NatalieArefjeva
    NatalieArefjeva Posts: 42 Level 2

    We are grouped in our scores. Not scored against whole world. You won in your group, somebody else won in their group. Also if you playing someone (person available), doesn't mean you scored against them. So makes no sense, for example, to leave loosing game to prevent opponent getting better score. Even though you played him, he is scored against his own group and you are scored in your group.

  • Lola_Pop
    Lola_Pop Posts: 12,000 Community Manager

    Hello @NatalieArefjeva !

    Welcome to this vibrant Jelly thread! I think you'll make good friends here 🤗

    What you said about the Internet connections is very interesting- in fact, it is being looked into by many games and could explain some connection issues.

    About the "time stopping"- not even developers have that power. It could be related to the connection once again. The next time it happens, please make a video recording of it and send it to us along with your player ID. It's the only way we can investigate it, I'm afraid.

    About this Jonah you guys were talking about: I've sent the youtube link to the tech team and they say it looks like he's playing on a mobile, but using a video editor to add the pointer to his video 😅

    @95chata , this comment block happens automatically, it's not us blocking you from commenting: there are some words that can trigger that (hacking, criminals, may be in the list) to keep the forum clean. The comments get into a moderation queue, and the CMs clear that queue in the morning, and approve the comments that need to be approved. ☺️

    Last but not least, as @headoperations said, the Mastery Points is under investigation at the moment. You can also give your feedback about it HERE

  • NatalieArefjeva
    NatalieArefjeva Posts: 42 Level 2

    I understand why you are leaving games early but think maybe you should work on your patience a little and let other players enjoy their game too. We all into it together after all.

    Yes, sometimes I see, that I've lost. No hope. But I still let my opponent finish the game and get whatever he/she deserves to get. He worked hard or just got lucky. Why not let him enjoy his moment? Shink you not scored against same people you play anyways. He is scored against differed group.

    I love this game. Sometimes I forget about everything and just keep looking at the clock for an hour to pass so I can enjoy the game. Not just winning. I love to try predict what will happen if I move a candy. I love when from simple move can get cascade of cá dy that magically match itself. I love unexpected surprise of special candy appearing when all hope is lost.

    Then I see that I get great candy for my next turn and opponent leaves... Why? That few extra seconds not changing his life. Could wait for my move... Sometimes I get lucky at beginning of game and person leaves. I don't get to play at all and was looking forvard for an hour just to be let down... Not about score. I just love playing it.

    Not fare on people like me to just leave. We have to respect each other and our love for game and let each player use pretious time they bought by their ticket to the fullest.

  • NatalieArefjeva
    NatalieArefjeva Posts: 42 Level 2

    It appears that we are not playing against those players we are scored against. We are grouped and scored against people in the group but we are not playing any of them, but players in other groups. I manage to get scores of 3-4hundred sometimes without using any golden bars. But other days not do lucky. I save up all my golden bars and twice bought 24 hour unlimited lives with those. Got scores of 900+ and 1000+ as was playing nonstop on those days...

  • NatalieArefjeva
    NatalieArefjeva Posts: 42 Level 2

    Thank you for your reply. That Jonah guy was definetly doing it. Whatever way he was doing it, too much of quincedence to deny it as happened few times with same person and wasn't just me. Was shocked at first, enough to remember his name (I'm bad with names) but finding that other members had same issue with same guy confirmed my suspicions. Now haven't seen Jonah for a while. But met couple of other players with same ability.

    I would be surprised if developers didn't have pover to do anything they like. That's what makes me believe it :

    15+ years ago played one game a lot. Not online game, so not against people. But there was a m0de for it or something like that that allowed to go into what I think was called "developers mode" which, probably, was for testing purposes - to see how game behaves in different circumstances.

    Not only it was possible to change any sliders in it (health, energy etc), to add money to it, but there was option to change events in the game too, force an event to happen that was otherwise rare and random, or events to happen ahead of time. Theire was code line involved, and by typing stuff I to it could make stuff happened.

    So would be surprised if for testing purposes developers didn't have that feature too, access to command line that can change the game, like typing force_striped candy or something similar, that would cause striped candy to drop among candies after next move.

    Maybe some of your testers kept "back door key"? 🤔 And shared with friends/family?

    Just dont understand how if can be fun to play against people and win by cheating. Would be no fun for me...

  • NamTruong2001
    NamTruong2001 Posts: 4,075 Level 5

    Hello, only 19 hours left for stage 2. Keep crushing!

  • lautje72
    lautje72 Posts: 150 Level 2

    Hello, maybe you are right.....there are to many players to be handled on multiplayer. But that is the least of the problems. When a striped lolly (or other boosters) pops up when its not possible, but always in an advantice of the opponent😒.....or you are about to win en in the last move the opponent gets all the candys he/she needs to win😒........ Or when you have one winning game to go so you have the chest/streak....the chances are 99% you wil loose the game😒......and much more reasons that has nothing to do with the internet !!!!! And i don't believe that the game-creaters or someone else will fix it. They maybe look at it, but do not try to change it. Otherwise they would have done it by now. (It's been going on for a year now!!!!)

  • dc2015
    dc2015 Posts: 186 Level 2

    Hey jelly fam I haven't been on in awhile thought I would pop in and see what's changed 🤣 hopefully positive changes coming soon. I miss the fun conversations we used to have

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