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Boosters/ Blockers: Discussion, Thoughts, Possible changes!


Hi Jellies!! 😃

When I first played Royal Championship, I did not notice at all that there are two little "helpers", that you can use to "boost" your game!

After some matches, I noticed it, but it took longer to understand that they need red and blue candied to fillup!!

At those days, there were only 2 boosters, practically one booster and one blocker, the pink lollipop and the liquorice lock!

As I remember, it was not needed to select them before the match, as it happens now, thats why I did not notice them in the beginning! 😀

Well, time passed, things changed, more boosters/blockers added and some of them are very powerful and effective!!

Players changed their in-game strategy!

Now we all base our strategy more in boosters/ blockers!

We have to choose before match the two boosters that we want to use!

Not all of them are available always! Only the two "basic" are available in unlimited basis! Aplayer can find all the others in chests!

This was changed a few times, e.g. last year, for a short period of time all boosters were unlimited, but not all together, they were 2 groups!

Several months ago, for a very short time we could buy boosters using gold bars!

Now we find them in chests!

I have some thoughts about boosters from time to time! You have your own thoughts too, so it is a good idea to share them here and discuss about them!

Maybe we can find some good ideas for the "ideas" section! Some ideas to try make the game better!

I tag some active RC players!

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@Lady_Sarina can you tag more RC players, please? Thank you!! 😀



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