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Royal Championship - What do you think?



  • mdeus
    mdeus Posts: 187 Level 3
    edited May 2020


    sorry not gone yet. WHAT DID I TELL YOU 3 rounds ago?? My opponent’s clock ran out and they were still making moves against me!!!!!Super (Edit by CM: Rude)

  • bizzlebiz
    bizzlebiz Posts: 4 Newbie

    Why do I get to select a different booster and then have to wait for it to recharge when it is a new booster? Also, how do players get multiple blockers in a game?

  • siti_payung
    siti_payung Posts: 13,090 Level 5

    I don't have RC but my level now vs Jelly Queen so painful. For days I can't move on. The Queen always take over the board. Any Tips?

  • Didi-7
    Didi-7 Posts: 40 Level 2

    Finally the peacock, after enough prayers...then see the prizes. I've imagined things so great. Huge disappointment. But am still grateful🥳🥳🥳🙌🙌🙌

  • dc2015
    dc2015 Posts: 186 Level 2

    You can't tell me this is just by coincidence. So aggravating knowing no matter how good you play you dont have a chance at winning.

  • dc2015
    dc2015 Posts: 186 Level 2

    These candies are something else this morning

  • mmc0515
    mmc0515 Posts: 17 Level 2

    Everything was going great until I advanced past mini starburst. Then EVERY time I was 4/5 wins, I get smoked. Achieved mini starburst first couple hours so I have been trying to get past that for 42 hours but I win in first place. I’m never going to pay to progress!

  • mmc0515
    mmc0515 Posts: 17 Level 2

    Do you think we have to wait until Tuesday for new round?

  • ClarenceBeaks
    ClarenceBeaks Posts: 58 Level 2

    Hi everyone

    A few thoughts:

    1. Has anyone counted the number of red/blue candies needed for the various boosters? It's clear that the less powerful ones take fewer candies to activate and also once activated the booster needs fewer candies for second/ third activation. I'd be interested to know what the difference is between them. In the newer levels there are fewer moves and many of the more powerful (prize) boosters/blockers are pretty much impossible to activate because of this.
    2. The balance of skill to luck is too heavily steered towards luck. I'm a decent player, I generally come first or second without buying any additional tickets. My best streak is 14, but I've also had losing streaks of 5. This means there is too much luck involved and from my experience it appears you get luckier and luckier as your streak progresses, until of course the final stage before a level up and then you just know, you're starting second, and your opponent has a dream board.
    3. A small point but please make some distance between the buttons when you lose your streak to 'keep progress for a million gold bars' or start again - it's very easy to misclick. I spent 20 gold bars on a meaningless 2/7 streak being preserved.
    4. The gold bar payout for a win is crazy low. For a two day contest that costs 50 bars per 24 hours for unlimited play - i.e. 100 bars to play throughout and the first prize is just 15% of that. Just crazy. 15 gold bars for an extra five tickets....to get that as the first prize.
    5. Loving the game, keep up the good work guys :)
  • Laurenciamo
    Laurenciamo Posts: 6 Level 2

    So I’ve just finished my second Royal Championship and I came in first again. I’m wondering if the RC is rigged so that every player sees themselves in the number one spot. Just out of curiosity, who did you all see win? Do they post the list of winners somewhere on this forum? I won tons of cool prizes last week and this weekend, so thank you RC ❤️

    BtwI had no idea that there was such a thing as a “cager” until I found this forum recently. I guess that I cage without abandon and will continue to do so. It’s part of the game, isn’t it? I mean, come on, who takes a game personally where “I cage you = I want to destroy your life”. When someone cages me and it is done well, I respect their gamesmanship. I’ve played some very good players on here and welcome any challenge. Cage away!!!

    I also saw a post where it was agreed that going first is an advantage. I disagree. As the boards start out a close mirror image, I find it helpful to watch what my opponent does as a first move and see if it is successful and then gauge my first move accordingly.

    And yes, there have been handful of games where it seemed my opponent had a better board, if you will, and I got thoroughly spanked and run through the ringer. But for the majority of games, I feel, I either won or lost based on my skills and gamesmanship. I have thoroughly enjoyed the RC and hope it continues as a game. It has been so much fun.

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