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Royal Championship - What do you think?



  • Simon_Porter
    Simon_Porter Posts: 3 Newbie

    I had to share.

    I did my best ever and wondered about other peoples high scores. No tickets purchased. I don't see the point when the prize is only 15 bars.

    I play as I enjoy the challenge, so no point spending.

    This time though I had a win streak of 14. I felt so good but on edge each game.

    Love the tournament.

  • jjac272903
    jjac272903 Posts: 1,083 Level 3

    @Allyd25; @headoperations

    Same. I don't care how many times they say it isn't rigged and that were not playing bots. @headoperations like you said, I can't be convinced otherwise.

  • jjac272903
    jjac272903 Posts: 1,083 Level 3
    edited May 2020



  • jjac272903
    jjac272903 Posts: 1,083 Level 3


    For those who place the highest on the leaderboards and ANYONE who thinks these prizes that we are getting at the end of the game are NOT worth the work we put into the game as well as money we put in the game. Also, for those pay to play unlimited players, who are up all night and day to make it to the top only to get 15 gold bars, a few boosters and 6 hours of free play, to make a difference go vote for prizes. This is as much as we can do right now since the studio has given us the option to vote on ideas and make our own. Please vote y'all and please click on the link below.

    ℹ Just to let you know, if you haven't voted already and would like to see some different ideas, please go to the 💡 "Ideas" 💡page and vote. There are a bunch of awesome ideas to vote on. 🗳 To see the different options or if you have an Idea you'd like to post and get others to vote on, visit the link below. ⬇️


  • Laurenciamo
    Laurenciamo Posts: 6 Level 2

    Simon_Porter, by your post, it answered my question about the RC. The image that you posted, you were in first place at 1:04:51. Now in my game I was in first at that time and I am nowhere on your pic. That is interesting. So we are either playing bots and/ or the ladder is just a false representation of our place and each player is seeing themselves at the number one position or somewhere near it. If it weren’t for this forum there would be no way of knowing. But consequently I will keep my ego in check as there are,I’m sure, many Number 1s out there (And let’s face it, I think I’m an ok player, but surely not so gifted to win two RCs in a row without a little help from a convoluted computer script.

  • jjac272903
    jjac272903 Posts: 1,083 Level 3
    edited May 2020

    I guess I'll be playing my murder mystery games. I'm hoping that the Royal Championship comes on tomorrow since i'ts a holiday. The studio did it for a past holiday I believe. @LadyRaffie haven't heard anything about the RC. Is it coming on tomorrow or Tuesday? Do you have any news? Sorry. I'm a little antsy and I love the Royal Championship.

  • ClarenceBeaks
    ClarenceBeaks Posts: 58 Level 2

    haha yes! 🤣🤣 so many classic moments in it. Sometimes at the end of a RC streak I feel a bit like clarence at the end of the movie in the monkey suit . . .

  • VikkiW
    VikkiW Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited May 2020

    Fav blocker is the squiggly square that deletes opponents candy. I'll always choose this above others.

    Improvements: it would be useful to know how many candy's are required to use the boosters. Ie having a number assigned to each booster when your choosing it to indicate how many need to be collected before you use it.

    I would also like to be able to know which game I'm playing so I can match my boosters more strategically to the board. Some boards you know you'll be playing longer and have more opportunities to collect candy for the more "expensive" boosters.

    Fave smasher is the stripped candy but it takes much longer to collect candy for do not always an advantage.

    Id also like to choose which candy I collect boosters for. How about bonus points for stripped candy you smash when collecting booster points?

    Re boards I like the ones with a mix of cages and cupcakes. But not too much of either. I don't like the pink cloud board. I had mixed feelings about purple candy. Could be strategic but I dont like when someone gets a 5 in a row bomb.

  • dc2015
    dc2015 Posts: 186 Level 2

    Anyone know if we get RC today or tomorrow?

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