When will Pepper Panic Saga go mobile?

Game still only on PC. When will it come to Apple and Android mobile devices? I have asked since right after launch and been told it was being worked on for mobile in 2015.  It’s end of March 2018 and still Pepper Panic Saga still not in mobile. Why is it not on mobile? Will it ever be available for Apple and Android, if so when?


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 10,978 Superstar

    Hi Ice Cream Baby 5, sorry for the delay in responding?  Do you still need help with this?  I stopped playing the game a while ago because it was so difficult.  I will forward your message to a King Community Manager and maybe he can get an answer for you.

  • XarlyXarly Posts: 862 Community Manager

    Hi there!

    As Elsa said, apologies for not reaching out earlier. There are no plans whatsoever as of now of moving the game to a new platform but if there ever were we would make sure we inform you all.



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