How do I pass level 42

 There are supposed to be 5 cheese chunks to come down and I'm only seeing 4. Any suggestions?

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  • Grumpy_CatGrumpy_Cat Posts: 67
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    Strategy for Alphabetty Saga Level 42:  Remove vines at the top first as these prevent cheese and tiles from falling.  Make line blasters by making words of 5 or more letters.  Set these off to blast away vines and mousetraps and bring cheese down fast!  Make 4 letter words to get crowns and use crowned letters to help remove letters under cheese.  Watch my video attached for a demonstration and in-video timely strategy comments, tips and explanations.  The last cheese chunk only appears after you have removed the first 4.  

    Subscribe to my channel ... I am working on more walkthroughs :)

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