level 659 is now impossible to pass. No letters next to cheesy plate #1. Help. I can't play.

jmpandyjmpandy Posts: 2

When the level still had three blue letters on each side of the cheesy plate, It would not give credit for winning. Now it is impossible. It needs to be fixed again please. I am missing my favorite game.


  • nBoonBoo Posts: 110 Kingster

    No worries! It was changed on Friday and it has been changed again today. The strategy for the first plate will be a diagonal line blaster, as it's the case with other cheesy-order levels. It was never our intention for the 1st plate to be removed with a 3-letter word, since it was entirely luck-dependant and it promoted a "enter the level, check, quit, repeat" dynamic which is never desirable.We'll continue to monitor this level after the change, but, as I said it has been more difficult than intended for 3 days now. Should be OK now.

  • jmpandyjmpandy Posts: 2

    Thanks. I have passed the level and moving forward.

  • debhopperdebhopper Posts: 1
    I have tried the level blaster, but it won't work across the bottom line with the cheesy plate number one and the bombs! Help please
  • Alessandro_SAlessandro_S Posts: 312 ✭✭✭✭
    Hi @debhopper, and thanks for posting!

    I replayed the level now and passed it, taking out plate #1 with a diagonal blast as per screenshots:

    Does that not work for you? If so, can you please post screenshots showing before and after setting off the diagonal lineblaster?
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