has anyone passed level 669?

Carol_EganCarol_Egan Posts: 4 New Bee

I have tried for weeks to pass level 669. IMPOSSIBLE! the help desk is no help. I'm done with alphabetty!!



  • Debbie_HolleyDebbie_Holley Posts: 13 New Bee

    I have also been struggling with this level for over a month now! It isn't even classed as a 'difficult' level. It really is impossible to pass this level and it is SO frustrating. I am beginning to not enjoy playing the game anymore as this level is a CHORE not an enjoyment :/ 

  • Carol_EganCarol_Egan Posts: 4 New Bee

    Please read Allesandro's answer. I finally solved the level using his strategy. It is indeed possible with just a little patience. Good luck!

  • Debbie_HolleyDebbie_Holley Posts: 13 New Bee

    Hi Carol. Thank you for your reply. I am following Allesandro's tips. I contacted King Care and apparently there are many of us struggling with this level so they made adjustments to it yesterday so it is a little bit easier. I havent completed the level (yet) but it does seem more easier to complete so hopefully I will pass it very soon :) 

  • Carol_EganCarol_Egan Posts: 4 New Bee

    Alphabetty is very addicting, isn't it? You'll pass it soon...

  • Debbie_HolleyDebbie_Holley Posts: 13 New Bee

    VERY addictive! I am determined to pass it! Thank you :)

  • Jules-10Jules-10 Posts: 2

    You don't make it to Level 669 by being stupid.  But it appears that there are very few players who have managed to complete this level and move on.  I was only one letter away from succeeding (ONCE) and have not even come close ever since (a few weeks).  Trying to follow all the suggestions and tips, but I'm burned out now.  There must be a way for King to allow players to skip a level now and then.

  • Debbie_HolleyDebbie_Holley Posts: 13 New Bee

    Jules, It is SO frustratingly annoying! King Care said, in a different post on the newer site, that they made the level 'more easier'. It sure does not seem that it has been made easier, AT ALL! I have been struggling for months. I sit for ages, concentrating and taking my time to try and get the longest words possible. When I find a long word, 8 letters, the game 'shuffles' and then starts a new game *sighs* I am sooooooooo close to deleting the game. It is not fun anymore, it has become a chore and a nuisance. I even spent real money on buying Gold Bars in the hope it would help me pass this level but I haven't come close enough to even warrant using any of them.

    King Care, please respond and explain why this level is so hard. It isn't even classed as a hard level, so it is supposed to be easy, surely?


  • Debbie_HolleyDebbie_Holley Posts: 13 New Bee

    Many congratulations on passing this level (more than once!) maybe i should learn Italian as in english it is impossible to find 8 letter words. I tried again this morning. Spent 40 minutes, on ONE game and didn't even come close. Thank you for replying and for the screenshots. Perhaps I should screenshot my game and ask King Care if THEY can complete the level.

  • Debbie_HolleyDebbie_Holley Posts: 13 New Bee

    I spent an HOUR playing ONE game and all of the gold bars I bought and have finally, after 3 months, completed the level! That was the hardest, most frustrating and unenjoyable level ever! I wish every player all the luck in the world to pass this level. I honestly don't think I would have passed it if I hadn't bought gold bars. Good luck everyone!

  • Donna_BurridgeDonna_Burridge Posts: 2 New Bee

    After playing continuously for 3 weeks and getting nowhere I found the advice from Alessandro........and it worked!!!! :):) 

  • Debbie_HolleyDebbie_Holley Posts: 13 New Bee

    Well done Donna! And a HUGE thank you to Alessandro! 

  • Barbara_MullenixBarbara_Mullenix Posts: 1 New Bee
    I have tried this level over and over for a month. Alpha Betty is not longer any fun because they have made this level impossible. I know that some people have done it but I guess I'm not going to be one of them. I'm going to just ditch this game and try to find something else to play. Also, I had earned a crown on the wheel and I played it once. It never did give me the free crowns that I was supposed to get but it did subtract it from my total of crowns I had accumulated. I hate to give up but I'm really not enjoying this game any more.
  • Debbie_HolleyDebbie_Holley Posts: 13 New Bee

    I am sorry to hear that you also are struggling with this level. It really was a horrible level and it took me many, many months to finally complete it. I was so close to deleting the game. You are right, the game isn't fun anymore. It isn't a game you can just play for a little while, pass some levels and play again later. It has become a game where you can be struggling on the levels for days (or months), where is the fun in that? I wish someone from King would reply to this post and answer the questions we have all raised. 

  • Maria_Wright_3Maria_Wright_3 Posts: 1
    edited November 2018

    Alessandro nailed it. It seems like the only way to pass it. I'm on 711 and there hasn't been a repeat of this frustrating board, so don't give up : ). On your first move, create a 4-letter word using the most uncommon letters possible. When the bulk of the manuscripts open, scan for our favorites: ed, ing, er and ine. As Alessandro advises, you'll need a huge line-blaster on this  second move to succeed. If it's not there, I recommend closing and reopening until you get at least an 8-letter word (hopefully your first 10-letter). On the third turn form another 4-letter word using hard to place letters. Fourth turn trigger the lineblaster. Scan carefully for possibilities and if necessary create a couple of 4-letters or another large lineblaster. Make yourself resist anything else. : ) If you've created two or three more crowns and still don't have a 10-letter word using them it's time to close down and try again. Otherwise you waste moves when the lineblasters created by 10-letter words trigger and wipe out extra crowns. Alessandro's strategy plus limiting my time (frustration!) on loser boards helped a lot.

    P.S. I don't buy anything or use the extra moves (because I spent waaay too much on candy crush), so it is possible to do without $$.

  • Sheri_McDonaldSheri_McDonald Posts: 1 New Bee
    Where can I find allesandro’s answer? I have been stuck for months and haven’t been able to get not one 10 letter word. Now I can’t even find allesandros answer. This has been the only game I find a challenge and good until this level and it’s impossible! It seems to have become like the rest of the kings games and wants to make you spend money! 
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