Highest level so far?

I loaded up the newest version of AlphaBetty Saga, but did not get any new levels. 700 is the highest I have. But that level was played and completed before I updated. Are there  new ones after that? 


  • I am still struggling to pass level 669. It seems impossible to find 4 x 10 letter words. Ive been trying for a month to pass this level. If 700 is the highest level then there is no point in me continuing struggling with level 669 :(

  • nBoonBoo Posts: 109

    Hey Robert! Glad to see you on the bleeding edge of progression. The next set of 10 new levels is coming in a few days, we're expecting to release it May 10th!

    As for you, Debbie, level 669 is indeed a great challenge for some languages, you'll be happy to hear that later today (Monday the 7th) it will be tweaked to make it easier!

  • I cant wait for it to be 'tweaked'. Thank you for your reply nBoo :D

  • nBoo, here I am a week later and I have STILL not passed level 669. It really is getting tediously boring. Was the level tweaked 'to make it easier'? Whenever I get a 10 letter word, the game 'shuffles' and I have to start all over again! Grrrrrrrrrr! 

  • John-19John-19 Posts: 0

    It does go up to 750 but it seems to have stopped there.

  • Debbie_HolleyDebbie_Holley Posts: 13
    edited August 2018

    I have now passed that horrible level. Thank goodness! I am now on level 710. So the game stops at level 750? That sucks!

  • Darryl_BoyleDarryl_Boyle Posts: 7

    No it doesn’t. I’m currently sitting at level 810 waiting for the new update.

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