Need Help on Level 208 of Alpha Betty Saga - Need MORE MOVES please!

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Hello KING and the Community Manager(s)! 

In level #208, there are only 13 moves given to find 3 UNKNOWN Words.  I have never found the "Super Hard" marked levels are hard at all EXCEPT this variety!!

When very few moves are given, finding the letters from the "Given" words itself is hard, but manageable.  But, with ? (Question Marks) in place of words -- Very Very Hard.  Within 13 moves, I barely able to finish 2 words.  Will it be possible to ADD more moves for all these kind of levels?  

** I know many people are above level #500.  I am puzzled how they are able to win these levels!! 

Thanks a lot! 
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  • Alessandro_SAlessandro_S Posts: 312 ✭✭✭✭
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    Tried that now, passed in 1 attempt, 2 moves left... comments/tips:

    1. change artifact to a +2 moves one (such as Mermouse) from the default Traditional Betty (not sure back-translation from Italian is 100% accurate for this artifact)
    2. take out immediately the central blocked tile dividing top from bottom - if you don't do that, chances are your game will be practically over in less than 5 moves
    3. since you don't know what the word is, try to aim for blasters initially and set them off at the earliest opportunity - that will likely provide you with an idea of the missing letters
    4. as soon as you can complete a word to be searched, do it even if you would have an optimal word coming up which isn't however touching letters needed to complete the word being searched; moves are at a premium on this level
    5. when you have made enough space and have multiple possibilities of letters which would complete the word to be searched, remember that creating a word using a crowned tile will change one of the remaining tiles with one of the missing letters

    If you think this is hard, you'll have a ball trying out getting 3 stars from level 512 (it took me well over 100, possibly in the high 200's attempts) ;)
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