How to add strength to artifacts

Deb-5Deb-5 Posts: 7
I've finished level 920 so created a new account to start all over again. Here's my question... is the only way to add strength to an artifact adding stars to what they "specialize" in? For example, in my new game, Cleobretta has 134 out of 135 stars (to be at full strength). I've got 3 stars on every level of levels 51-95 and I've played her successfully beyond that but seems to be stuck at 134/135. I'm guessing that I used a different artifact sometime during 51-95 when I should have used Cleobretta? Is there no way for me to get her to full strength now?


  • nBoonBoo Posts: 110 Kingster
    It shouldn't matter what artifact you use. It's not like you infuse the artifacts with the power they collect, but rather they evolve as you do in the game. 
    I sadly have no explanation for the 134/135 :(
  • abe_coffeeabe_coffee Posts: 287 ✭✭✭✭
    there is one thing you might do ... scroll back to level to level 51 and recheck levels 51-95 for 3 stars ... most likely there is one level that has only 2 stars ... please let us know what you find ... if there are 3 stars for every level from 51-95 then I will add this to a glitch list for glitches that have showed up in 2019

  • Deb-5Deb-5 Posts: 7

    You were right - after checking again, I see I have only 2 stars on level 89. Will try, try again. Thanks for pointing that out!

  • abe_coffeeabe_coffee Posts: 287 ✭✭✭✭
    been there ... done that ... hoping that 89 is fun
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