Change the time-frame for the daily bonus

bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 3,317 Superstar
@Crazy Cat Lad  - Can they please change the time-frame for the daily bonus?  Most of the other King games is once every twenty four hours and there is not a specific time during the day when you have to get in the game and claim the bonus.  AlphaBetty is between 1200-1400.  I work during the day and do not take a regularly scheduled lunch so I always forget to claim my free daily booster!  I play primarily very early (before work) and in the evening.  I realize at this time they aren't planning on any new levels - but for those of us that have a ways to go (like me - I'm only on 142) I can still play the game for many more months and would like the extra booster help!
Thank you.

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