End of the Line?

ChefulieChefulie Posts: 2
Hi! I'm Julie, and I've been playing for a LONG time... very embarrassed that I wasn't signed up until today. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE the game! Challenging and exciting and I can check in whenever I can, which is greatly appreciated.

I've just defeated Level 980. Am I at the end of the line?

Thank you,

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  • ChefulieChefulie Posts: 2
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    Sorry, that's Level 920!

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  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 1,762 Community Moderator
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    Hi @Chefulie and welcome to our Community!

    Level 920 is the last level in AlphaBetty Saga and no more levels are planned at this moment.

    It's not either decided when or if new levels will come again in the game. 

    You never know what the future brings, but bare in mind, AlphaBetty Saga did end on level 410 once upon a time and more new tiles, words and cheesy levels came up after a couple of years rest. 

    I can recommend to either go back and replay old levels and try to beat your previous scores.

    The other alternative is to start over again from level 1. You can either start to play on a brand new account or just let me know and I will reset your game back to level 1 on your existing account. 

    Check also the Weekly Word Challenge here in the Community. New competition every Friday. 

    Have a mice day!
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