New Weekly Word Challenge! Win Gold Bars! (finished)

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This week the challenge will have the theme, BEACH! What can you, see, feel, get, find, do etc etc on the beach. 

Everyone will win, but it's up to you how much you will win!

You need to find maximum of three words on the game board below and the amount of points of all the tiles in the three words is the amount of Gold Bars that you can win. 

Note though, that if you post more than three words, you will get the points of the three words with the least points only. So do not post more than three

For example, BEACH will give you 3+1+1+4+4 = 13 points. 13 Gold Bars to your game!

Every reply needs to be three new words that haven't been found by somebody else. If you post a duplicate word, you won't win any Gold Bars for that word. 
If a player already posted the word you found, find a new one before posting. 

Remember to also check the spelling. Incorrectly spelled words won't give any points, which also means, another player can take it and the points instead. 

Which three beach words are you able to find above? 
Hurry up to find the words with most points before any other player finds them and get the points in front of your nose. 

You have until Thursday the 18th July, 12:00 CET to participate and you can read the Terms and Conditions here.

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