I'm stuck on a level! Help!

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I'm stuck on Level 81! HELP!
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    Good Morning @Leony! Level 81 is a collection level where you have to collect words with a certain amount of letters.  I find the trick for this type of level is make a lot of four letter words so you can get a crown on a lot of the letters.  On this level that is a win-win since you have to make 5 four letter words anyway.

    You have to make 2 seven letter words, but if you can make a 4 letter word with 3 of them with crowns (since a letter with a crown counts as two letters) - you will have your 7 letters.  Of course there are several vines on some letters so they won't count towards your letter count but they will still give you a crown if you make a 4 letter word.  I try to make a 4 letter word with as many vine letters as I can - that way I change them into regular letters as soon as possible.

    I hope this helps - good luck!

    By the way - if you like word puzzles - try the link below for a chance to win some gold bars.
    Accepted Answer

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