Level 835 and I'm done

GingerVGingerV Posts: 2
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Level 835, and I'm done.  2 10-letter w0rds, but the entire center of the board at Red letters that have to be played as last letters.  Crazy.  I'm not spending one red cent on this game.  I'm done.


  • abe_coffeeabe_coffee Posts: 378 Game Expert

    level 835 is quite a challenge
    two 10-letter words in 20 moves
    if you reconsider you might try the crown-and-blaster approach

    early approach: ... be patient
    there are 16 exclamators(the red tiles with the exclamation point)
    try to create several crowns using exclamators
    continue until most exclamators are gone( approximately 10 moves )

    mid-game approach:
    looks to make 7-letter words
    use these mid-game blasters to clear exclamators and unwanted tiles
    if a blaster is not found then get another crown

    last 5 moves:
    try to make 7-letter words using a blaster
    play blasters that will hit crowns and other blasters
    blasted crowns add to a word's length
    most blasted crowns are returned to the board
    continue to make 7-letter words(or crowns)

    there is an example ... open in a new tab or a new window

  • IsaviviIsavivi Posts: 20
    Animo,no te rindas...si todos los niveles fueran muy faciles ,este seria un juego muy aburrido..no crees..? Un saludo y a por ello!!
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