How do I level up the mice helpers in the Library

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How do I level up the mice

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    hello @Jokake01

    the simple answer is ... get 3 stars on every level from level 1 through level 365
    this will fully empower all mice(artifacts)

    each artifact has its own range of levels
    for example ... when levels 51-95 have 3 stars then Mummy Mouse and Cleobetra become fully empowered

    there is an artifact chart
    open in a new tab or a new window

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    I do not know what to do
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    Getting stars by completing levels with a high score levels up the mice. But only the stars from a specific chapter will count towards specific mice. Each " chapter" or section of the game has a pair of mice assigned to it and only stars from that section will help level up that specific pair of mice.
       This by far is the most confusing part of the game and took me around 250 levels of game play to figure out.
          The term artifact is confusing ( just call them mice) and It wasn't making sense why some mice stopped leveling up and others just seemed random.
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    Hi  @Jokake01 @alicej

    The stars for the helpers in the Library can only get earned on level 1 to 365 as mentioned by @abe_coffee .

    Each Episode has two helpers that you can progress on by getting stars in that specific episode. 

    For example. To get the Mystery Mouse and Royal Guard to tier III, you will need to get 135 stars in Episode 1 'A new adventure' levels 1 to 50. 

    The Mummy Mouse and Cleobettra belongs to 'The Cheesamids' and levels 51-95. You wll need to collect more stars on those levels to progress to tier II or III.

    Here's the complete list of all helpers and which episode and levels they can be earned on: 

    A new Adventure levels 1-50:
    Mystery Mouse
    Royal Guard
    The Cheeseamids levels 51-95:
    The Mummy Mouse
    Mount Mousemore levels 96-140:
    Liberty Mouse
    Cowboy Mouse
    Mousechu Picchu levels 141-185:
    Adventure Mouse
    Witch Doctor
    Cheeastern Shores levels 186-230:
    Kimono Blossom
    Squeaky Sensei
    Nordic Lights levels 231-275:
    Greece levels levels 276-320:
    Musical Mouse
    Romania levels levels 321-365:
    Vampire Mouse
    Traditional Betty

    So if you want to progress to tier II or III on any helper, just scroll back and replay those specific levels and try to get more stars.
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