Unable to connect to Facebook or registered email

pmainwaringpmainwaring Posts: 14
Hi, I'm having the same problem with Alphabetty Saga as I had with Candy Crush Soda Saga where I cannot connect to Facebook or my registered email so I am unable to save my progress. I am also unable to register a new email using one of my other email addresses. The error I receive is "There was a connection problem. Try again in a bit".
 I am playing the game on my Samsung tablet. It used to work but stopped a few months back.

I raised a support ticket (8657646) but none of the suggestions on the reply have worked.

My problem on Candy Crush was resolved so I wonder if the same process can be done for me on Alphabetty Saga?



  • abe_coffeeabe_coffee Posts: 379 Game Expert
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    hi @pmainwaring
    sorry that AB is not working on your tablet
    whenever the app quits working on my tablet or if there are over 500 lives on the tablet ... reloading the app usually fixes the problem
    am guessing you have already tried to reload the app
    In that case @Crazy_Cat_Lad can help with your account.
    Crazy_Cat_Lad usually responds to the community during the week.

  • pmainwaringpmainwaring Posts: 14
    Thanks for you r reply. When you say reloading the app, do you mean uninstalling and reinstalling it? Wouldn't that lose whatever progress you've made?
  • abe_coffeeabe_coffee Posts: 379 Game Expert
    under normal circumstances ... when the app uninstalled and then downloaded  ... your progress is not lost
    however, lives are reset back to zero
    should your progress be lost then @Crazy Cat Lad can look at your account

    before you uninstall and reinstall you might try  'My account' and try to login using facebook
    again, you may have tried this before

  • pmainwaringpmainwaring Posts: 14
    I have tried using My Account. That is when I get the problem. It doesn't matter whether I try Facebook, my existing email account or using a different email account that I have, it still gives me the same message "There was a connection error. Try again in a bit"
    I'm nervous about uninstalling the app as I fear I will be back to level 1 when I reinstall it.
  • abe_coffeeabe_coffee Posts: 379 Game Expert
    good idea to wait ... @Crazy Cat Lad  may be able to help ... good luck
  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 2,283 Community Moderator
    Hi @pmainwaring !

    To fix this connection issue you will need to reinstall the app as mentioned. Meaning uninstall the game and then download it again from Google Play Store. 

    Boosters and Lives will be lost in this process, but I am able to manually restore any purchased items and the levels if you lose any progress.

    If a simple reinstall doesn't help then try these steps instead:

    -Delete the game from your device
    Settings > Apps/ Application manager > choose the game and tap 'Uninstall'

    -Stay in Settings > Apps/ Application manager and tap 'Google Play Store'

    -From here click on 'Clear cache' then 'Uninstall updates’ and finally 'Clear data'. Please notice that you will get a warning when clicking the 'Clear data' button - don't worry as it's just a reset.

    -Restart the device

    -Download the game again from Google Play 

    -Finally open the game and connect it to your Facebook or King account 

    Let me know how it goes... 

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