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How to beat level 210?

WiilaineWiilaine Posts: 1 New Bee
edited January 29 in Support
How do you win level 210? Can it be won without purchasing extras?


  • abe_coffeeabe_coffee Posts: 448 Game Expert
    edited January 29
    level 210 is beatable without purchasing extras ... drop 4 chunks in 21 moves
    it helps to start with a good board(mostly playable tiles)
    one approach ... blast the traps early ... blast the rocks in the rightmost column ... ignore the other rocks
    ideal start ... first move ... create a blaster that hits something in the rightmost column
    ideal mid game blaster ... a vertical blaster directly below a chunk
    crowns will usually hit a tile or rock directly below a chunk
    save some crowns for the last few moves to get any isolated targets

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