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Game level stopped

AngelaRSAngelaRS Posts: 3 New Bee

Why can't I get past level 920? It keeps saying thanks for playing and takes me back to 400 something game. What's going on?????


  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 8,722 Superstar

    Hello @AngelaRS Hearty Welcome to our friendly King Community 🤗

    I am sorry to say that the Alpha Betty Saga stops at level # 920.

    As of now, there are no more levels after that!! The game developers might bring in some more for us in the future, but not now!! I am sorry for not giving any good news to you!

    If you would like to restart playing the game, our Alpha Betty game In-charge can help you with that 👍️

    ** Please post back and let us know if you would like to start over, by typing in the blank dialogue box located below.

    Thank you for posting in the Community! Have a wonderful rest of the day/evening!

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