Alphabetty Saga and other rants...

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First of all, I've been a game enthusiast for most of my life but have been playing games on my cell for about 10 years now. That being said, what I'm about to write comes from a place of frustration with the gaming community at large, but particularly with its (seemingly) domineering player in the mobile community - King.

I've been playing Alphabetty Saga for a couple of years now and it is painfully clear that this game is DESIGNED to be a money grab, from the very first levels... No longer is a game supposed to hold your interests on the merit of its design or playability (or even enjoyment, for that matter) but now its all about how much MONEY they can suck out of you, for as long as they can!

I've read some of the community feedback on this game on these boards, and people are gushing about "how great it is" and "how fun it is to play", etc. However, I've NEVER played a game in my life MORE DESIGNED to steal your money, every chance it gets... Once these developers lock you into a game, and you truly want to compete and have fun at the same time, you are not able to, because they've made it (virtually) impossible to continue without forking over the $$. Now, this is indicative of the other games King has developed (to be sure) but nothing I've seen like the money grab from Alphabetty Saga, in particular.

It is so painfully obvious that the developers put in AS LITTLE amount of vowels (which, of course, you need to make words with) in a level, ever. In fact, the only way to beat certain levels is to exit the game, go back in, and try again. If you try to continue on most levels, it will never give you enough vowels to even complete that level, without using (endless) board shuffles, or simply using hammers (or other tools) to try to shuffle the board enough to where it (might) give you a chance to play the game as intended. This takes all the FUN right out of the game! The way I know this is, the game will constantly shuffle its own board, in an attempt to allow it to make any coherent word with the vowels it has allotted itself, and then after 5 auto-shuffles, ends that level and you have to start over... Now, if that isn't a design glitch (or, in my opinion, an intentional money grab), I don't know what is...

I realize that the days of buying a $20 computer game and playing it for a year or two are gone now, but since people are so attached to their phones (see: appendage) these days, it makes for a gaming situation ripe for exploitation.

I just couldn't go on another day without addressing these issues and I (can only) hope that the developers are aware that someone is watching them and can see the forest for the trees...


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