How do you rank up

MommaJayMommaJay Posts: 1 Newbie

So I'm on level 148 but my chachaters are not leveling up ...also only have a crown 👑 unlocked ...


  • abe_coffeeabe_coffee Posts: 1,750 AlphaBetty Moderator
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    hi @MommaJay

    welcome to the community ... good questions

    the crown is the only one unlocked ... the others are never activated

    🍮 🍮  

    to get the artifacts(helpers) fully empowered requires 3 stars on every level in a group of levels


    levels 1-50 ... for mystery mouse and royal guard

    levels 51-95 ... for mummy mouse and cleobetra

    levels 96-140 for liberty mouse and cowboy mouse

    maybe this image will help ...

    Level Help & Tips for  AlphaBetty Saga ...  over 750 levels ---> here 
    open in a new tab or a new window

    AlphaBetty ... levels that have screenshots ... 392 472 

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