level 142 ... 3 stars using barney

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approximate range ... 28214 will get 2 stars ... 29040 for 3 stars

14) create a crown when a longer word is not found

13) the big one ... 12480 points ... 4 gold tiles make the multiplier 16(2x2x2x2)

12) FLEET does not meet the objective

11) 6-letter word that includes a crown ... accepted as a 7-letter word

10) 6-letter word

9) 6-letter word using an entangler ... accepted as a 5-letter word

8) create a crown

7) create a crown

6) 5-letter word using a crown ... accepted as a 6-letter word ... 2 gold tiles 3400 points

5) 6-letter word

4) the end ... 5-letter word

33220 ... 3 stars

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    That was great tips! Thank you for your sharing these tips to players! @abe_coffee 👍😄

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