how do get started to play?


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    Welcome to Sweet King Community! 👑

    Opps! This website (King Community) has only Supports, Discussions, Contests and others. 

    If you want to play any King's Game(Games) on any devices : 

    Type of phone's Version (such as Android, iOS, Kindle and Windows Phone) : You can search 'King' then you click on any King's Game (Games) to show 'Saga' by King then you download it/them on Google Play Store (Android / Kindle / Windows Phone Version) / App Store (iOS Version) . 

    Computer Version (such as Facebook and King Online Game) : You can't download any King's Game(Games) on computer. But you can search 'Saga' by King then you click on any King's Game(Games) on Facebook only. Or you can also search what's King game plus Saga Game on Google Search, then it shows 'Online' to play it now but it's available some King's Games only. (Here is my example as below 👇) 

    You can also check to select what's King Game will you like playing here? 😉

    So can you got to play it/them? I hope you can play it/them! Enjoy your happy playing! 😊

    You can also participate and answer here (⭐️ Pyramid Math Problem ⭐️ Win Gold Bars ⭐️) that you can chance to win gold bars on this game! 😉

    Also check here :

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    hi @gill66

    welcome to the community

    alphabetty is available on mobile devices(not on PCs)

    🍮 🍮  

    go to your favorite app store

    search for alphabety saga


    now you are ready to play

    🍮 🍮  

    the first 50 levels are considered tutorials

    there are 920 levels ... over 750 have tips and suggestions

    Level Tips and Help can be found ---> here ... open in a new tab or a new window

    and ... you can always post in this forum and ask for help when you get stuck on a level

    🍮 🍮  

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