I was on level 70-something; a word I made added 1 move to my moves! What caused that?

GegGeg Posts: 2

I noticed that as soon as I made my word, a little graphic animation went over to my remaining moves (I had 14) and added 1 to it for a total of 15 remaining moves. I don't know what magical combination I hit to cause that, but I'd like to know so that I can repeat it in the future!  Does anyone know?  Thanks!


  • GegGeg Posts: 2

    Actually, I think I made a mistake in my question and my memory of what happened.  I was just now experimenting, and I see that if I let one of the blue numbered bubbles tick down to 0, that I **LOSE 2 TURNS**.  So, I think what happened is that I was at one of the earlier levels where those blue numbered bubbles first appeared, and I had no idea what they were, and I let one go down to 0, and so I had my number of moves REDUCED, not increased.I sure wish when a new graphic or obstacle or whatever appears, that the game would explain what they were rather than having to guess and observe and figure it out on your own!  Oh well, no complaints really from me; I love this fun game and can manage to learn along the way if they don't tell me!  :-)

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