Where are the simple rules for playing Alphabetty? How do I "untangle" letters? Should a "blue" le

Should a blue letter be used at the beginning of a word, or at the end?  I don't understand why there aren't rules!


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    Rather than giving the instructions all at once, they come up whenever something new is encountered for the first time.

    To get rid of the vines you just need to use that tile in a word and it will be removed, but as you will notice the tile will remain and thus reducing the total letter count by -1, a letter will only count when it is removed from the board.

    The only time you will need to worry about tiles which are required to be used at the end of a word will be tiles with a letter and an exclamation mark, but that will come further down the line.

    Another good thing to know is about the tile bombs, they are blue and will have a little bubble with a number inside, that number represents how many moves you have left until it explodes and takes away moves from you. You can diffuse them by using the tile withing a word, that'll do the trick!

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