Alphabetty level 480 - is it actually possible?

I have tried level 480 so many times I have lost count. It seems to be that there are far more blocks that need to be blasted than there are moves in which to blast them. Any tips please?

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  • Diane_LeMireDiane_LeMire Posts: 5
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    Yay! The new update now gives us 32 turns! Still was hard but not impossible like before. I passed it. Fun once again. 

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  • I can't get through this either ... it does seem impossible. 

  • Yes its very hard à y tips

  • Personally I think it's a cynical ploy to make us buy the hammers to crack the boulders with. These are expensive to buy and you would need a few to get the game out. I would like King Care to come onto this thread and tells us whether or not it is possible to complete this level without spending money.

  • Its impossible...

  • Same here. It's hard enough with all the blocks you need to destroy but also, you can't even get next to half of them. Then there's the mouse traps. They need to add more turns. Yet, people got past this level so there must be a way, unless they paid their way through, which I won't do anymore. I poured too much money in this game. They need to have a way to earn gold bars. I love this game and don't mind it being hard, but this level is ridiculous. 

  • I wonder if anyone has actually got past the level. I wish King Care would tell us. I hardly ever bother to have a go now which is a shame as I loved the game. I do think it's completely impossible without spending a lot of money. Even 5 extra goes wouldn't  be enough.

  • no, it is not... and boosters or extra moves do not help. I posted the same issue and they erased the question. Probably they will fix it in the next patch.

  • Definitely a ploy! They make an impossible level to force people to buy help. They probably make a lot of money at first and once that stops and the money is only trickling in, they know they now need to add more turns or something to keep us players, who aren't willing to spend, playing. It's a real money maker for them. I'm not spending anymore money on this game, so I'll just wait it out or delete it if they don't fix it 

  • This level is Boring i leave the game its impossibles to do 

  • Everyone needs to delete the app when companies make levels impossible to pass unless you spend money. Maybe then, gaming companies will stop being so greedy. Who has time to play the same game 500 times to try and pass it. Delete and move on. 

  • Diane, how do you know anyone has completed it?  If they have, I would be ASTOUNDED if they got through it without buying tools.  The fact that this comment board is a King site and no-one from King even bothers to respond makes me even madder.  They should just post a notice that says if we want to continue to advance levels we need to pay them $X.  That would be a more respectable way to run a business.  I used to enjoy playing this game a lot.  Now I come back every couple of days, try 480 a couple of times and then just quit.  If they don't change it in a week or two I'm going to delete the game because it's now a bigger aggrevation than amusement.  I'm sure the people at King read these comments and laugh, and think we're all idiots.  

  • I couldn't agree more Laura. I absolutely refuse to spend money on this level. It's very short-sighted of King not to  modify this level, because they are losing players and therefore losing money. I don't mind spending the odd 99p to get through a level, but I'm not wasting money on this one. I keep checking the app updates to see if they've fixed it. I'll get bored of that soon and delete it. I don't bother trying to play the level any more.

  • Laura, I know people have passed this level because I see people posting questions on here who are at higher levels. So I'm assuming they paid their way through this one? 

  • Thanks Diane.  Bless their hearts.  They're either smarter, willing to spend more money or a lot more patient than me.  

  • Laura, I know people have passed this level because I see people posting questions on here who are at higher levels. So I'm assuming they paid their way through this one? 

    definitely :)
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