Alphabetty level 480 - is it actually possible?



  • Mike_BaskeyMike_Baskey Posts: 4

    Same here. It's hard enough with all the blocks you need to destroy but also, you can't even get next to half of them. Then there's the mouse traps. They need to add more turns. Yet, people got past this level so there must be a way, unless they paid their way through, which I won't do anymore. I poured too much money in this game. They need to have a way to earn gold bars. I love this game and don't mind it being hard, but this level is ridiculous. 

    Totally agree. They need to make this like Candy Crush where you can earn boosters, like hammers, to use when you get close on those really hard levels like 480. I got one chunk down and had 2 blocks left was best I could do in so many tries. Think I'm done until they fix. Plus, I can no longer play on PC past level 410 for a long time now and can't figure out from anywhere why. Was great game (only had to buy booster once to get this far) but this seems to be end of the road.
  • Diane_LeMireDiane_LeMire Posts: 5
    Accepted Answer

    Yay! The new update now gives us 32 turns! Still was hard but not impossible like before. I passed it. Fun once again. 

    Accepted Answer
  • Thanks Diane, what marvellous news. Sanity prevails. I'm looking forward to having a go at it now.

  • Diane, how do you know anyone has completed it?  If they have, I would be ASTOUNDED if they got through it without buying tools.  The fact that this comment board is a King site and no-one from King even bothers to respond makes me even madder.  They should just post a notice that says if we want to continue to advance levels we need to pay them $X.  That would be a more respectable way to run a business.  I used to enjoy playing this game a lot.  Now I come back every couple of days, try 480 a couple of times and then just quit.  If they don't change it in a week or two I'm going to delete the game because it's now a bigger aggrevation than amusement.  I'm sure the people at King read these comments and laugh, and think we're all idiots.  

    I have had some weeks at this level, and never got close. Perhaps the site should be renamed "King don't Care"
  • I'm in level 520 con some budy help its very hard

  • Hello, everyone, I am writing to say I just made it!  Level 480 without paying and I just had 8 lives left, so I did it without and help, after at least 6 weeks.   I work hard on éliminating the mouse traps , and trying to make blue bricks with diagonal arrows and at the same time I concentrate on 4 letters words the crowns are a big help towards the end, I even  had one crown left. (I was  lucky my last move, I had a 3 letters word, to get rid of my last pièce of cheese). So...don't give up.  I myself will never pay to play.

    Good Luck everyone.

  • I'm in level 520 con some budy help its very hard

    How do you get to start level 501? I cannot see it.
  • Im in level 550 no updAte untel now what its the last level 

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