Will anyone ever pass Level 595 of Alphabetty?



  • I've done 595 now, just had to spend 9 gold bars which I don't mind after multiple attempts at the "easier" version. Does 599 need its own thread?

  • IEEEgalIEEEgal Posts: 54 ✭✭

    @Sheila Yes, you are right. 599 will need its own thread. 

  • Passed it too Had to use 9 gold bars just to make 1 move to pass thankfully am getting free gold from the videos .....they will probably stop that now ....

  • Alessandro_SAlessandro_S Posts: 312 ✭✭✭✭

    @IEEEGal, @Sheila - have completed the entire episode a couple hours since passing 595... I can't remember 599 being hard, rather it took forever and one lineblaster to go through 598 for a meager 1 star - so I played 598 again yesterday and got 2 stars at the 2nd try without boosters, hence I guess that has been nerfed as well.[email protected], you getting videos for gold? So it appears some of us have a daily booster wheel (me), some get videos for gold (you) and someone (Lourdes?) get nothing at all. How bizarre.

  • CaseymcCaseymc Posts: 14

    I must be an idiot because it I'm still in the Hades that is level 595. I think I'm out in another couple days. 

  • I finally passed this level after the revision to 22 moves and only 2 bombs. Many thanks to all helped by voicing their dissatisfaction with the original version. Good luck with the next episode!

  • I've finished the level now. Good luck to all those still stuck on it! Thank you King Care for listening to us and realising that if a game is too difficult for us that have stuck with you for 600 games, then it has to be revised!

  • Finally, I won it ( with the help of 2x9 goldbars obtained free of charge, by looking several times a day at the little advertising videos) I has been a hard work: the major problem for me was the insuffisance of vowels 

  • ...insufficiency..sorry for my English 

  • IEEEgalIEEEgal Posts: 54 ✭✭

    @Alessandro Yes, it is strange that different people get different booster options. I get both videos for free gold often and the daily wheel. My sister gets neither. I suspect it depends on what hardware and OS people have. I do admire the software engineers who code this game. And 599 wasn't too terrible after all. :) Happy Holidays to all you Alphabetty fans!

  • Ruud_KoopmanRuud_Koopman Posts: 22 ✭✭

    Same problem in Dutch. Tried more than 200 times. It will end here. 

  • This level is absurd. Will likely be the end of this game for me. Simply not fun at all when they are this impossible. 4-5 weeks I have been on this level, never got close once. It is like the designers don't play it themselves first to even determine if it is playable. Oh well... Goodbye Alphabetty. Level 595 will be the end of the game for sooooooo many. 

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