Level 614 alphabetty saga has anyone solved this ?

It is getting ridiculous now as each episode seems to be full of unsolvable games I looked forward to new ones after struggling so much with the last lot Level 613 was classed as hard and I passed it on 2nd attempt Level614 is not classed as hard but yet again King have made it impassible It seems that they only change the game when a lot complain so would be interested to know if anyone is still playing or has everyone given up after the the terrible ones we have been dealt with lately Time to concentrate on words with friends I think 



  • playing on Android :

    i'm actually at level 601 (level 599 was the hardest i've ever seen)

    600 with its 3 cheese plates was a piece of cake, after that ...

    but it's all strategy (making lazers in the right directions to destroy all)

    ... and, of course, not as fun as before

    we, word lovers (oh, i play in french, btw) want to find long words, dear King team, please listen to this :

    STRATEGY (lazers/crowns/positioning the right way) is fun and obviously part of the game, but finding great WORDS also !

    i'm fed up with making 3-4 or (by chance) 5-letters words with a hellish board


    could you please, dear King team, create some new challenges and new elements ?

    Alphabetty is actually the ONLY game i play on my phone, with SCRABBLE

    It's a fantastic game, and i mean it ! don't let it go away

    Anyway, thanks for the hundreds hours of fun :)

    @OP : i agree with you that the "said difficulty" is absolutely not accurate at all

  • I agree this level is impassible. I gave been trying to beat it for almost a week and the closest I've come has been to get 4 out of 5 cheese pieces. They either need to get rid of a couple rocks or they need to give a few more moves. I guess it could be passable but you would have to buy more moves or lineblasters.

  • I've tried it numerous times and never even drop one cheese slice. There are so few usable letters that the game frequently shuffles itself and then closes down. It just isn't fun.

  • I agree fully with the comments above. Have tried level 614 more than a hundred times. It just isn't reasonable to ba able to drop five cheeses with all the obstacles in the number of available moves.

    I also agree that the last couple of updates have mostly been terrible levels with almost no room to make words. They seem far too dependent on luck since you basically have lost if you get a bad set of letters at the beginning. I want more levels where the key to success is consistently managing to get good, long words. Love the game and have played it daily for a long time, but I am beginning to get tired of the level design lately...

  • Actually I managed to beat it, at last. But it was in a large part due to luck since I got several blank tiles and in the end the last two cheeses came down in the same column.

    Still it seems a bit excessive and not very good level design that it should take well over a hundred tries before beating the level, and then being so dependent on luck. Especially since it is not even marked as hard. Before beating it I had never managed to remove the stones on both parts of the level...

  • Agreed, this level took me a month. Hundreds of tries. Just gotta hope for some good luck.  Or $ for extras. Not this guy. Just be relentless. 

  • I got it. It's very hard but possible. I have used the Stone breaker, it's the best for this level.

  • Ruud_KoopmanRuud_Koopman Posts: 22 ✭✭

    I have played more than 100 times. You will need a lot of luck. 613 is difficult according King but that one was really easy. I am quitting now and i will wait for a new release

  • Niveau 614 impossible avec 19 coups et maintenant 16 coups j'arrête l'aventure vous vous moquez des gens 

  • Ruud_KoopmanRuud_Koopman Posts: 22 ✭✭

    Ik ga er nu dan toch echt mee stoppen. 614 kan alleen als je gaat betalen. En zelfs dan wordt het duur. Dit gaat namelijk echt niet. Het is gewoon pesterij van King. Ik kijkmover een paar maanden wel weer eens. Wel jammer.  Was heel leuk 

  • I think this game is better when you have to find long words, too many of the later levels like 614 require complete luck and no word skills at all.

  • I agree. Have tried the level at least 200 times now. The most I have dropped is two tiles. Crappy level design. Like last time, will wait for an update. 

  • partyspicepartyspice Posts: 2

    Also ready to drop this game. It's been weeks of crappy letters.

  • What a joke! Just loaded and shuffled to death three times. Twice there was not a single vowel in all the letters! Hey KingCare? You paying attention??? You need to fix level 614! 5 Chunks with that many blocks and so few plays? Do you guys not even bother testing these levels??? 

  • Ruud_KoopmanRuud_Koopman Posts: 22 ✭✭

    Since today 614 is another easy to solve game

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