How many levels are in AlphaBetty Saga?

kslnetkslnet Posts: 3

On my Android app I've completed level 155 but can't go any farther.  I see that there are more levels on the Facebook version of the game.  How many are there total, and when will levels 156+ be available on the app?

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  • StuckInATreeStuckInATree Posts: 4,900 New Bee
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    At the moment 230 is the latest level available to play on Facebook, while 155 is currently the latest level on Mobile and Tablet.

    Its pretty much always been that way with King, the levels get made for Facebook and their own site, then they are converted and optimised for mobile and tablet platform, hence the gap between released levels and also why sometimes people have issues and some others not, all down to the platform.

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