Level 625 Alphabetty Saga

625 is another very unfun level. With a maximum of 14 tries one must get 13 words, 5X4 letters and 8 x 6 letters. One must also get rid of 4 blue tiles in the first four moves, or risk losing 2 moves. If you do not get those 4 then there is no sense trying to continue as there is not enough moves left to get all the words. The end result is that I go through all 5 lives in about 4-5 minutes with 3-4 moves per life. I have tried over 200 times now and have never come close. I have also noticed it failing to give arrows when words of more than 4 letters are made, and too many shuffles to deaths. That has happened maybe 10 % of the time. I don't mind difficult levels that allow you to play, but this is ridiculous. It is almost like you don't want people playing your game, or to be engaged in it. Some of the previous levels were difficult too, but at least they were worth playing, and the amount of time to go through the 5 lives was at least 15-20 minutes. When I can go through 5 lives in 5 minutes and only get 4 moves per life before it is obviously unwinnable that is a bad level. 625 is a bad bad level. Thank you


  • I couldn't agree more. There are also the cunning magnets which are impossible to get rid of which hold some of the crowns that might be useful to make the 6 letter words. I'm going to give up on this one until King sees sense and changes it. I am NOT spending money on it - please  note King - NO MONEY!

  • I have been stuck on this level for days. Takes the fun out of the game when a level is impossible and it seems a gimmicks to get you to spend money. There must be similar games out there that are fair.

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