has anyone passed level 669?



  • heyninaheynina Posts: 2 New Bee
    Tapez moi je suis au 477 , les 4 assiettes dans les coins, ben impossible de cliquer dessus ou autres, je n'arrive pas à finir cette étape et pourtant j'ai tout trouvé mais les assiettes ne se retirent pas des coins....votre commentaire
  • abe_coffeeabe_coffee Posts: 419 Game Expert
    edited July 2019

    hi @Sheri_McDonald

    I searched unsucessfully for the reply from @Alessandro_S
    perhaps he will see the tag and reply here

    until then you might try a "7-letter word and crown" approach
    try to flood the board with crowns
    while making crowns look for a 7-letter word first
    take your time each turn while looking for a 7-letter word
    the goal ... have a board with several crowns and one or two 8-way blasters

    the blasting-crowns technique:
    blasted crowns add to a word's length
    most blasted crowns are returned to the board after getting credit for a ten letter word
    crowns used as part of a ten letter word are consumed and not returned to the board
    try to avoid using crowns as part of a ten letter word(until the last ten letter word)

    examine each 8-way blaster ... count the number of crowns it will hit
    an ideal play ... play an 8-way blaster that hits 3 crowns while making a 7-letter word(7+3 = 10)
    you get credit for a ten letter word AND an 8-way blaster is created
    not as ideal(but effective) ... use multiple blasters to hit enough crowns to make a ten letter word

    it takes awhile to avoid using crowns as part of a word ... eventually it becomes automatic when looking to make a long word

    there is an example of reusing crowns ... open in a new tab or a new window ... http://www.screenshotabe.com/reuseCrowns.php

  • sylentsylent Posts: 1 New Bee
    Perhaps I just got lucky, but I passed this level on my first try. Fortunately, I didn't get a ton of "J" which is the worst letter in the alphabet in this game. Like the above poster mentioned, I flooded the board with 4-letter word crowns, getting rid of the uncommon letters in the process, then made 6 to 7 letter words. The challenge is that when you make a long word, you get a "Magnificent" block, but that can potentially blow off too many of your crowns.
  • Hi Carol...
    I am on level 909 and there are several levels that it took me what felt like forever (some of them a month or more) to complete. However when I get frustrated I find it's best to go backwards and play a level I really enjoyed or I'll go backwards and play the boards without 3 stars until I earn them all. This breaks up the monotony of playing the same level over and over and over. Also just being able to step away for a moment allows your brain to look at the board differently when you do come back to it finally. I know this answer doesn't give you any super secret how to pass it answers but I promise the games just keep getting better the further along you go so hopefully you stick with it. When you get frustrated just play a fun level and tell yourself you don't have to pass this level because you have 600 other ones you can play then the pressure is off, your brain is reset on another level and the next thing you will know you will be close to 1000 with me!!
  • kayecuppateakayecuppatea Posts: 1 New Bee
    How do you get thesecrowns and lineblasters 
  • abe_coffeeabe_coffee Posts: 419 Game Expert
    hi @kayecuppatea

    a crown is created when making a 4-letter word
    a blaster is created when making a word longer than 4 letters
    general strategy(quoting Herb) ... "You play the game with blasters ; you BEAT the game with CROWNS!"
    each level is different ... some levels 3 letter words help meet the objective(but this is rare)
    ... for most levels crowns are necessary at the end to clear isolated objects(or to spread cheese)
    ... "Collect all the required words"(like level 669) use a combination of crowns and blasters to reach the objective(level 669 requires four 10-letter words)
    ... blasted crowns add to a word's length
    ... most blasted crowns are returned to the board

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