Level 556

monique421213monique421213 Posts: 1 Newbie
I have been playing this game for a long time. U am angry that the level I'm on is virtually impossible to pass. I am ready to take this app out. 


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    hi @monique421213
    don't give up ... you have already done 555 levels
    you may go through many many lives on this level
    don't be afraid to use the quit button if the starting board has lousy tiles
    it is important to get off to a good start ... a blaster on the first move is almost a must
    it is important to avoid 3 letter words
    try to play the exclamator early in the game
    ponder each move ... look to make a blaster every move
    when a blaster is not found try to make a crown
    keep at it
    ... one approach: play-a-crown get-a-crown
    use an artifact to add crown(s)
    make a 4-letter word that includes a tile with a crown ... this will count as a 5-letter word
    repeat this 7 times to get the required 5-letter words

    ... another ploy ... blast a crown while making a 4-letter word
    this will count as a 5-letter word ... the crown is returned to the board ... AND another crown is added to the board

    Alpha Betty Help: look for Albums with screenshots on FB ... click here for albums ---->  examples ... 
    screenshots are available for the following levels
    word list ... 89 115 453 478 484 542 561 578 595 669 712 755 812 835 885 889 895 905 919
    plates ... 472 485 487 508 513 530 557 600 622 659 680 870
    spread cheese ... 466 509 521 568 844 893
    bubbles ... 482 494 512 523 558 668 698 758 794 894
    find the letters(or hide the letters) ... 356 399 464
    drop cheese chunks 334 422 623 771 783 913
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  • Hi Monique
    I am on level 909 and there are several levels that it took me what felt like forever (some of them a month or more) to complete. However when I get frustrated I find it's best to go backwards and play a level I really enjoyed or I'll go backwards and play the boards without 3 stars until I earn them all. This breaks up the monotony of playing the same level over and over and over. Also just being able to step away for a moment allows your brain to look at the board differently when you do come back to it finally. I know this answer doesn't give you any super secret how to pass it answers but I promise the games just keep getting better the further along you go so hopefully you stick with it. When you get frustrated just play a fun level and tell yourself you don't have to pass this level because you have 550 other ones you can play then the pressure is off, your brain is reset on another level and the next thing you will know you will be close to 1000 with me!!

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