Level 799

mattsilvermanmattsilverman Posts: 1 New Bee
Anyone have a strategy or tips to beat level 799?


  • abe_coffeeabe_coffee Posts: 419 Game Expert
    level 799 can be a challenge ... 98 bubbles in 24 moves
    let's do the math 98/24 = slightly over 4 bubbles each move
    the most effective weapon early in the game is a 4-way diagonal blaster in the center that can hit 12 bubbles in one move
    one approach ... keep hitting quit until you can start the game with a 4-way diagonal blaster in the center
    plan B ... try to create a 4-way blaster on each of the first few moves
    this is very dependent on the tiles that are on the board at the start
    I hope you have a lot of lives ... the level is beatable, but may take several tries
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