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  • cooldude
    Me too and cannot find a solution
  • Thanks for sticking with us for a full year.
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 2 years.
    October 18
  • stamw5270
  • mgl8
    I'm having the same problem, but I uninstalled and reinstalled the game app. Didn't solve the problem, but I lost 19 fireballs, 8 rainbow balls, and 52 of whatever the white wand that changes ball colors. Don't uninstall and reinstall to try to fix the problem.
    • GoddessAlive
      I’ve done that for various reasons too. I’ve made it further than ever which is why I really don’t want to do that unless they’ll give me some bonuses or something. I spend $ on Candy Crush but not this game. It’s a decent game but they don’t give us any reason to want to spend $
  • Fourth round- same damn message. 

    Hi Heather,  

    Thanks for reaching out! Let's get you back to enjoying your game as quickly as possible. Anna, our virtual assistant, has found a mini guide that we think will help you. If the answer below doesn’t fix your issue then please reply to this email and we'll be delighted to investigate further.

    I’m not receiving any lives from my friends

    Due to the volume of messages being sent globally, some messages may on occasion not be arriving. If this happens, then simply ask your friends to resend the messages.

    Deactivating game notifications in Facebook also ensures you receive messages correctly. This is because when a message in Facebook is opened, the notification gets marked as 'read' and is not delivered to the game.
    To turn notifications off, please follow these steps:
    1. On Desktop Facebook, click the down-arrow in the top-right corner and click Settings. Then select 'Notifications' from the menu on the left.
    2. Click "On Facebook" to display the next menu.
    3. Next to App requests and activity, click Edit
    4. Scroll down to the game you're playing and turn notifications to Off.

    You may also be having problems keeping the game connected to Facebook, so please also try the following:
    1. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of your device’s operating system, Facebook and the game from the App Store.
    2. Disconnect your game from Facebook, force close all apps and restart your device, then reconnect to Facebook.
    3. Try to use a WiFi connection instead of using your cellular data when opening the game.
    Here you can find a useful video that will show you how to perform these steps:

    Kind Regards

    King Player Relations

    These people need to actually read the emails or stop offering “customer service”. Some of us have actual legit issues
  • You encourage dialogue by dropping people’s names… Job done!
    October 18
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  • borannrann669796
  • Tôi cần lời khuyên
  • szia
  • facebook login
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  • How can you message team members 
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    Welcome Aboard!
    October 18
  • I wanna get back to the same level I was playing
    • thabile
      Pls help me t get back to the same level I was playing
  • Toppie
  • Floyd earned the Famous badge.
    Popular does not describe you. You made your way to fame as you received your 25th like.
    • Lim
      Congrats! 🎉🎉🎉
  • 11:20AM
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    There’s no doubt you’re eager to help and others know it!
  • Hi
    I'm a new game play with this game..
    So i need rewards daily free and live from my friends only. Thanks for your communication....
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    Welcome to the age of Glory... And to the 100 likes.
  • monnie11, RDM, Priscilla_Nooner, Kathy_Rader and Janet_Mannion were promoted to Classmate.
    October 18
    • monnie11
      This may be a really dumb question to some🤦🏾‍♀️lol. I'm still a "newbie," and I'm not really sure what being "promoted to Classmate" really means for me lol. Would anyone care to elaborate and willing to help me understand this particular achievement?🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😂
    • Lim
      Hello! @monnie11 👋
      Welcome to King Community! 👑
      Wow! That was so fast to promote Classmate! Good job! 👍
      You can check to read it by Community Team! 😉

      And don't miss out for amazing prizes if you reached from 5000 points! 😏
      Have a King weekend! 👑
  • Thanks for sticking with us for a full year.
    October 18

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