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    August 21
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  • Brink
    the game does not, I have updated and upgraded laptop is there not to. 
    There's also see Annex, the issue is at stake. 
    I have the game already removed and redone, but it does not help.
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  • Thanks for sticking with us for a full year.
    August 21
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    August 21
    • michaelcroshaw
      Love my Candy Crush!!! at level 4742 and climbing im going to keep on keeping on.
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  • Mim_

    I am on level 5278 on mt laptop and tab but it has happened on all the levels this past few days. The screen just zits off with no warning then when I open it again it says at the top of the screen  'Even Dexter and his friends need to take a break sometime - our sweet events will be back soon. BUT that isn't every time, and then that disappears off the screen. Then, it might play or it might not. At worst, I shall have to wait for my Android to catch up and see what it does on that but of course I am 60 levels behind on that. I can't carry on play really with this happening. I have cleared the history. I have reinstalled the game at least twice. I play through my King Account. Can you please help me?

    • 56 votes wowie
    • 11:23AM
    • Please get rid of the new special effect that makes it shine when you touch the screen any place....or at list give the opción to turn it off, its so anoying. thankyou 
    • MelKS
      Hi Elsa, I'm trying to change my profile picture in the game but nothing is working. Advice please! From MelKS 😊
      • Elsa
        If you are playing the game through Facebook then it's your profile picture on Facebook that needs to be changed. If it's in the Kingdom then you have to go to or log into the Kingdom on your mobile device and then go into the settings and you can edit your profile there. Let me know if you need pictures to show you where to go.
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    • This is the second day of playing Candy crush soda Saga where the game freezes and I cannot proceed. I 've lose lives and progress that have not been replaced.
    • my love.....
      August 20

    • 9:52AM
    • 9:52AM
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    • bonjour je suis nouvelle et j aime beaucoup que vous m aidez a pouvoir participer et comprendre comment ...merci 
    • headspace
      I was contacted by King and they told me that it was an experiment and that just a few were chosen to see how it went. I told them I have spent a lot of money on the game, but never on extra lives!
      • KateG
        Thank you for letting me know, I contacted them as well but haven't had a reply. I hope they change it back again soon. It's putting me off playing, the level I'm on only has a small amount of goes and is over really quick, I can use the 5 lives only last a few minutes
    • Candy crash  je ne reçois plus de vies ou de l'aide pour passer des étapes ... merci de dire que c'est ce qui ce passe 

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