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HTML5 and The Kingdom

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edited January 2019 in Computer

If you have been playing games on King.com you may have noticed the levels haven't been updated recently. If you are anxious for new levels, fear not, your desktop game will now continue on Facebook and some of our games are even available as a Windows 10 app.

You can also continue your saga on a plethora of mobile devices – iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows and Kindle.

Why is this happening?
The desktop versions of our games are now running on a technology known as HTML 5 (for more information check here). HTML 5 allows our games to run better and faster on your desktop device. Facebook is the perfect place for HTML 5 games, so we are concentrating on making that version the premier desktop experience.

Don’t worry about the jargon!
As long as you have a HTML 5 compatible browser, you will have no problem continuing your Saga on Facebook. If you have a Windows 10 PC, you can check out our King games collection here and download the games for free from the Windows Store.

What browser am I using?
If you are not sure what browser you are using, you can use a site like https://www.whatismybrowser.com/ to check. The site can also help you learn how to update your browser. We highly recommend you update your browser often to ensure you have the best performance in the game.

Is my browser HTML 5 compatible?
There are many websites, like https://html5test.com/, that help you check whether your internet browser will run the new version of the game.

There is a lot of technical information on the page that you don’t need to worry about. All you need to know is that if the score is above 450, the browser you are using should have no problem running the game.

If the score is below 450 points, you may want to consider installing a new browser.

Which browsers do you recommend?
Good news! There are plenty of compatible browsers to choose from and they are all free and simple to install! The choice is yours, but don’t worry, they all at their core the same.

Here is a list of browsers with links to instructions on how to install them.

Windows and mac

These browsers will work on both Windows and Mac computers.

Google Chrome
You can download Google Chrome here

Click here for instructions on how to install Firefox.


Click here for instructions on how to install Opera on a Windows PC.

Click here for instructions on how to install Opera on a Mac

Windows only

This browser is for windows only

Playing on Facebook
In order to play Candy Crush Saga on Facebook, you will need to create a Facebook account. This is an easy process, which is outlined here.

Playing on Windows
You can also play the desktop version of  some of our games on a Windows PC via the Windows Store.
You can check out the collection of our game here . Once you have downloaded the game you can move your levels over by connecting the game to your Kingdom account.  

What about my progress?
Don’t worry, you can sync your progress from King.com to Facebook, which will make sure all of your progress carries over. Here is a helpful post that outlines the process.

Playing on Mobile
You can also play the games on mobile devices. All you need to do is go to your device’s app store and download the game.

You should now have all the information you need to continue your journey through the Kingdom. If you require any more help, why not ask our huge community of players for assistance?

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