Work your magic on level 189 in Bubble Witch 3 Saga!

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Level 189 is a full of grumpy black bubbles! 

These guys are difficult to get rid of and can only be destroyed with arcane (bomb) bubbles, Nero's orb, or by removing the bubbles that are holding them up.

Luckily this level also contains plenty of arcane bubbles and some very helpful line blast bubbles!

Like all Bubble Witch 3 Levels your moves are limited, so using them efficiently is the key to completing this Level.

It can be helpful to watch a tutorial of the Level, or play through the Level a few times so that you know exactly where the line blast and arcane bubbles are located.

For your first moves, aim for the first line blast (just visible top left on the board)

If you can, use a group of bubbles that contain a fairy bubble.

Often the fairies will set off the line blast for you!

Work your way up the board making moves that only help advance you to the next line blast.

Don't get distracted making moves just because you can, or there will be not enough bubbles left to complete this Level.

If you have bubbles that do not match the ones you need to remove, then send them to Nero's orb so it can help blast through the grumpy black blocks.

Towards the top of the board is a row of arcane bubbles.

It can help to work your way up from one side of the board then bounce bubbles into the arcane bubbles to blow up that top row.

With some help from the fairies, the line blasts and arcane bubbles level 189 can be completed without needing to buy extra moves or boosters.

Good luck!

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