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Is your game crashing on a Kindle device?

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Our games are in continuous evolution and each new update including additional content and features mean that lots of new code is written by our developers which might include some bugs. We test all our updates thoroughly to remove any possible bugs, but it might happen that a sneaky bug slips through to the game.

Worry not! While technical issues are very frustrating, the great news is that they are also generally quite easily fixed. The first thing we need to do is make sure that your device is running as smoothly as possible. 

Here are a few steps that can improve your gaming experience:

a. Please close all apps and restart the device

b. Please check for any updates for your device and apps in the Amazon Appstore. 

c. Clear the cache frequently using this sequence: Menu => Choose Settings => Scroll down to and tap on Clear All Cookie Data.

d. As a last resort, try re-installing the game as it usually fixes most issues. Please be sure to back up your game progress on either Facebook or the Kingdom. Just make sure that the last level you played was while you were connected to your account before you reinstall the game.

Please also note that any boosters or extra lives stored in the game may also be lost during this process.

Check out the following page for support with these steps.

Still having a problem with your game? Why not ask other players for help in our Community? Here you can also discover our Community Superstars, competitions, off topic conversations and much much more! Simply go to the home page here and select the game you wish to explore. 

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