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Is your game crashing or not loading on PC- Facebook?

CommunityTeamCommunityTeam Posts: 1,907 System
edited October 25 in General Issues

We are truly sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with your game.

We can explore several ways to solve this problem. Could you please first try the following steps:

  • I recommend that you, first of all, try playing in another browser (E.g if you are using Microsoft Edge for example, then try Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera and vice versa. Our games support Google ChromeMozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera.). 
  • Now please visit this link for help in clarifying whether your browser is indeed all up to date.  If the browser is not up to date then simply click on the Update button to install the latest version. 
  • You can also double-check on this page if your browser is optimized. Your browser should score at least 450 points, if it doesn’t then please look at the list above and download a different browser. Google Chrome is usually the most up-to-date and well maintained.
  • I'd also recommend closing all extra tabs and other programs whilst you play as these can often negatively impact the browser performance. 

Here is a useful video that will show you how to perform these steps.

More further information about HTML5 please check out this page here

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