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Having problems connecting to Facebook on a Windows Mobile device?

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edited February 18 in Tutorials

There are a few things we can try which normally resolve this problem so please try the following steps in order to reconnect the game:

1) First, make sure you have the latest Facebook app installed on your phone. If you have a new phone then the latest Facebook app may be already pre-installed.

If you've upgraded your phone from Windows Phone 8 to 8.1, you'll need to download the new version from the Store—even if you already had your Facebook account set up on your phone. 

2)  Once you have the new app simply sign into Facebook to get started. On the Start icon, swipe over to the App list and then tap Facebook.

Enter the email address and password you use for Facebook, and then tap Log in. (Or tap Sign up for Facebook to create a Facebook account.)

3) Make sure you have the latest version of the game installed. On "Start", tap Marketplace or Store. If an update is available for the game then simply tap "Update"

4) Force close any open apps. Hold down the Back button, and then select the 'X' on each open app.

5) Turn off your phone and leave it off for two or three minutes to clear the cache. Then switch it back on and try again.

This should resolve the issue but if you continue to experience any problems please let me know.

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