Meet the Kingsters - Meet the Content Team!

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Hello Community Crew!

The Community is a great place to get to know each other, but what about knowing the people behind the games?

We thought it’d be a great idea to share some of the personalities behind the Kingdom’s magic and meet fantastic Kingsters

These are the minds that create all this delicious universe: From Game Artists, Level Designers, Content Specialists, Game Producers and Customer Support Agents - all of them are included, so come and meet the team.

For this week’s introduction, we sat down with @Bobcat_Bob, @Marc_Shark and @TheEmpress from the Content team and we asked them a few fun questions so they can share some sweet personality traits! So please, meet the Content Kingsters!

  @TheEmpress ;                          @Marc_Shark ;                                      @Bobcat_Bob ;

  • Describe your team in a few sentences:
All: In the Content team we take care of the content in the Help Center (both in-game and the new web version). We work with the Community, Game Studios, and all other Player Support teams to make sure we know what’s going on in all the games, so we can offer the most useful content for our players. 
(Psss, these are the guys behind the Help Centre that you can find in our games - Don't forget to give your feedback about the Help Centre just here!)

  • Tell us 3 funny things about yourself:
     . I can clap with one hand!
     . Until recently, I didn’t know where Portugal was (on a map)
     . I’m addicted to potato chips!

     . I love funny colorful socks! From Star Wars, to dinosaurs and even vegetables
     . My spirit animal is the Koala. Can you guess why?
     . I love the beach, but I hate the sand. Ironic, right?

     . People always make fun of the way I eat oranges. I eat them like apples, biting into them, and peeling the skin as I go along. It’s quite messy to be honest!
     . I love learning languages – any language! It’s what I do to “relax”
     . I’m still learning how to ride a bike… lol

  • If you were a King game, which one would you be?
Bobcat_Bob:  I’d be Alphabetty Saga because as a Content Writer, I love language and words.
Marc_Shark: I love working with other people! Helping others and getting help is always satisfactory. So I’d definitely be Candy Crush Friends Saga! What better than a good friend to get out of sticky situations and help you break through challenges?  Friends make everything that’s already good, even better!
TheEmpress: Pyramid Solitaire!

  • If you were a candy
Bobcat_Bob: I’d be a dark chocolate mint.  Sophisticated, edgy, can only be endured in small amounts 😉
Marc_Shark: I’d definitely be a chewing gum. It’s the only candy I regularly eat. And they say that you are what you eat 😃
TheEmpress: Fizzy Haribo dinosaur

  • If you were a game character 
Bobcat_Bob:  I’d be Mr Toffee.  Tall, ginger-ish and always wants to be in control.
Marc_Shark: The best character by far is Bubblegum troll! Even though he loves messing with everyone in the Candy World, you can’t get mad at it. He’s just such a playful and fun character. And loves sticking around everywhere. Even under your shoe. Yuck!
TheEmpress: The Nutcracker from Friends

  • If you were a video game
Bobcat_Bob: I’d be RollerCoaster Tycoon – as I love fun, but I have a constant challenge to be organised and tidy!
Marc_Shark: If I was a video game I would be Super Mario. I love jumping around and breaking brick boxes (not really, it hurts!) Mario is a super charming and fun character with an awesome moustache and an even cooler red hat.
TheEmpress: Street Fighter

  • What's your favourite food?
Bobcat_Bob: Pizza!  It can be any combination of dietary needs you might have, but doesn’t require cutlery or plates!
Marc_Shark: My favourite food is paella. And I have to admit, I love cooking it. I’m from Spain, so I have it in my blood. One day I will be able to cook the best paella in the world for myself! Whenever I work it out, I’ll share the recipe, or will I…?
TheEmpress: Chinese food – all of it!

  • Something you'd like to tell our players?
Bobcat_Bob: I’d like to tell our players that as the oldest member of the office working here, games, challenges being playful and fun - keeps you young.  And that’s me speaking from experience!
Marc_Shark: Thanks for being so awesome! It really pays off when you see that there’s millions of players of all around the world enjoying our games and our content. We really hope that our content has helped you at least for once. Thank you for being so awesome!
TheEmpress: You rock!

🌟 🍭 🌟 

Well that was fun guys, thank you for your time!

Feel free to say hi below and stay tuned for more Kingsters interviews to come! 

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  • marscrushinitmarscrushinit Posts: 2,536 Superstar
    Thank you for sharing this 😊 . This was an awesome way to connect even more to the players. 

    Keep crushing it 🍭
  • Chicken_SlayerChicken_Slayer Posts: 9,276 Superstar
    edited June 19
    Hey guys, I love this! I think the community will benefit from seeing you are real people :D 
    @TheEmpress that is a very odd way to eat oranges :O although my daughter eats milkshake with fries so its at least normal food lol.
    @Bobcat_Bob my geography is non existent, but how do you clap with one hand? 
    @Marc_Shark you have good taste in socks :D 
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  • Pummy RajPummy Raj Posts: 3,264 Superstar
    edited June 19
    I am very glad to see you guys here 🤗

    @Bobcat_Bob, I completely agree with you about games keeping us young!  Do you clap with your hand & thigh?  That's what I do when one of my hands are busy.... although I think it might not be considered as "Clapping"  =)

    @Marc_Shark, I have seen you in some of very old posts :) 
    We visited Spain last week and I ate Paella (vegetarian) more than 5 times in 12 days!  I liked it very much :+1:   It was almost the same as to what Indians call as "Biryani" only with more spices and flavours =) 

    @TheEmpress, how many languages do you know?  If you eat Oranges with peal, I definitely would like to know how you eat Mangoes :3

    Thank you for your time and participating in the interview by @QueenMia
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  • boonutboonut Posts: 8
    Thanx for sharing guys  <3

  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 2,625 Superstar
    Thank you very much @QueenMia - this is an outstanding idea.  I love getting to know the Kingsters!

    @Bobcat_Bob - I definitely agree that playing these games can help keep the mind sharp and keep you always 'young at heart'.  That's a pretty awesome ability to be able to give yourself a one handed round of applause when you pass a level.  😊😃

    @Marc_Shark - when I saw your spirit animal was a Koala (I love them they are so cute) - I thought maybe you were from Australia but since you are from Spain - does that mean it's your spirit animal because you like eucalyptus tea and/or like to sleep a lot? 😊😆

    @TheEmpress - I greatly admire your ability with languages. It definitely increases your appreciation of various cultures when you can communicate in their language.   How many languages can you speak?😊👍

    "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." - Winnie the Pooh
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 17,858 Superstar
    What a great idea @QueenMia!  Welcome Kingsters.

    @Bobcat_Bob I am also addicted to potato chops and my favorite are the kettlecooked and I love when they are folded.  Best crunch eating those folded chips!  

    @Marc_Shark I share you thoughts about the beach and the sand.

    @TheEmpress Chinese food is my all time favorite food too!
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  • firebombmarkusfirebombmarkus Posts: 6,320 Superstar
    Hi guys 🤗 Thanks for sharing this @QueenMia I laughed a lot reading this 😁💜

    @Bobcat_Bob One hand clapping is amazing and hilarious at the same time! I can relate with potato chips addiction 🙈 Portugal is always hiding somewhere, I know 😉

    @Marc_Shark I adore colorful socks! I have each color and rainbow ones too 🌈 Koalas are wonderful but I heard they aggressive just like pandas. Are you? 😂 I have never liked going to the beaches. As a matter of fact, I would always choose a mountain before the beach.

    @TheEmpress Eating orange is a hell of a job, I hate peeling them and I eat them only when someone else does it for me 😁 I love that you are learning a lot of languages, I am into it too. So far I know Serbian (native), English, Norwegian, a little bit of Spanish and Italian and few words in Chinese I caught while living in China 😉 As for learning to ride the bike, never stop learning, life is meant for that.

    Thank you for sharing a piece of yourselves with us 🤗 Now we are confident that our games and characters are in perfect hands 😉
    You can find out more about our Superstars here

    The only way outside is inside. Namaste 🙏🏻

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  • LimLim Posts: 2,291 Legend
    edited June 21
    Welcome back! Kingster Team! 😘
    Let's introduce myself! 
    My name is Lim while I'm Diamond Diaries Expert Player that I can help everyone to solve any levels! 😉
    My favourite game is Diamond Diaries Saga! 
    Hope you good work on King Community! 👍
    Have a King weekend! 👑
    ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Lim 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️
     💎 Diamond Diaries Expert Player 💎
    Hello! 👋 I am Diamond Diaries Expert Linker that I can help you to solve any levels! 😉
    Have a SASSY weekend and enjoy your happy playing! ❤️

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  • Crimson_DawnCrimson_Dawn Posts: 1,517 Superstar
    @TheEmpress, don't worry, I still haven't learned either. I'm not very coordinated.😅
    Once you're a part of Crimson Dawn, you can't leave. -Dryden Vos, public face of Crimson Dawn.

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  • AlansmartAlansmart Posts: 1,301 Superstar
    Hey fellow crushers and crew, fun read and nice to know more of and about those in the studio 👍I would like to extend the same ability to any and all who would like to ask me anything 🙂 let's all show and grow together 👑
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    Keep calm and crush on  🍬🔨

                                     Alan Smart 🍁
  • RegalRenzRegalRenz Posts: 4,921 Superstar
    This is so cool! I'm totally geeking out at the thought of interacting with the brilliant minds behind these awesome games!

    By perseverance everything reaches its target.

  • Foley1362Foley1362 Posts: 5,047 Superstar
    This is a brilliant idea 💡!

    Cant wait to see what’s next 💪🏻

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    A ❤️ filled with love is like a phoenix that no cage can imprison 🔥 
  • RumellKhan123RumellKhan123 Posts: 130 ✭✭✭
    I can't decide which one I like best. They are all so great.
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