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Meet the Kingsters - Meet the Content Team!

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Hello Community Crew!

The Community is a great place to get to know each other, but what about knowing the people behind the games?

We thought it’d be a great idea to share some of the personalities behind the Kingdom’s magic and meet fantastic Kingsters

These are the minds that create all this delicious universe: From Game Artists, Level Designers, Content Specialists, Game Producers and Customer Support Agents - all of them are included, so come and meet the team.

For this week’s introduction, we sat down with @Bobcat_Bob, @Marc_Shark and @TheEmpress from the Content team and we asked them a few fun questions so they can share some sweet personality traits! So please, meet the Content Kingsters!

  @TheEmpress                          @Marc_Shark                                      @Bobcat_Bob

  • Describe your team in a few sentences:
All: In the Content team we take care of the content in the Help Center (both in-game and the new web version). We work with the Community, Game Studios, and all other Player Support teams to make sure we know what’s going on in all the games, so we can offer the most useful content for our players. 
(Psss, these are the guys behind the Help Centre that you can find in our games - Don't forget to give your feedback about the Help Centre just here!)

  • Tell us 3 funny things about yourself:
     . I can clap with one hand!
     . Until recently, I didn’t know where Portugal was (on a map)
     . I’m addicted to potato chips!

     . I love funny colorful socks! From Star Wars, to dinosaurs and even vegetables
     . My spirit animal is the Koala. Can you guess why?
     . I love the beach, but I hate the sand. Ironic, right?

     . People always make fun of the way I eat oranges. I eat them like apples, biting into them, and peeling the skin as I go along. It’s quite messy to be honest!
     . I love learning languages – any language! It’s what I do to “relax”
     . I’m still learning how to ride a bike… lol

  • If you were a King game, which one would you be?
Bobcat_Bob:  I’d be Alphabetty Saga because as a Content Writer, I love language and words.
Marc_Shark: I love working with other people! Helping others and getting help is always satisfactory. So I’d definitely be Candy Crush Friends Saga! What better than a good friend to get out of sticky situations and help you break through challenges?  Friends make everything that’s already good, even better!
TheEmpress: Pyramid Solitaire!

  • If you were a candy
Bobcat_Bob: I’d be a dark chocolate mint.  Sophisticated, edgy, can only be endured in small amounts 😉
Marc_Shark: I’d definitely be a chewing gum. It’s the only candy I regularly eat. And they say that you are what you eat 😃
TheEmpress: Fizzy Haribo dinosaur

  • If you were a game character 
Bobcat_Bob:  I’d be Mr Toffee.  Tall, ginger-ish and always wants to be in control.
Marc_Shark: The best character by far is Bubblegum troll! Even though he loves messing with everyone in the Candy World, you can’t get mad at it. He’s just such a playful and fun character. And loves sticking around everywhere. Even under your shoe. Yuck!
TheEmpress: The Nutcracker from Friends

  • If you were a video game
Bobcat_Bob: I’d be RollerCoaster Tycoon – as I love fun, but I have a constant challenge to be organised and tidy!
Marc_Shark: If I was a video game I would be Super Mario. I love jumping around and breaking brick boxes (not really, it hurts!) Mario is a super charming and fun character with an awesome moustache and an even cooler red hat.
TheEmpress: Street Fighter

  • What's your favourite food?
Bobcat_Bob: Pizza!  It can be any combination of dietary needs you might have, but doesn’t require cutlery or plates!
Marc_Shark: My favourite food is paella. And I have to admit, I love cooking it. I’m from Spain, so I have it in my blood. One day I will be able to cook the best paella in the world for myself! Whenever I work it out, I’ll share the recipe, or will I…?
TheEmpress: Chinese food – all of it!

  • Something you'd like to tell our players?
Bobcat_Bob: I’d like to tell our players that as the oldest member of the office working here, games, challenges being playful and fun - keeps you young.  And that’s me speaking from experience!
Marc_Shark: Thanks for being so awesome! It really pays off when you see that there’s millions of players of all around the world enjoying our games and our content. We really hope that our content has helped you at least for once. Thank you for being so awesome!
TheEmpress: You rock!

🌟 🍭 🌟 

Well that was fun guys, thank you for your time!

Feel free to say hi below and stay tuned for more Kingsters interviews to come! 

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