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'App has stopped'

Community_TeamCommunity_Team Posts: 1,853 System
edited February 18 in Android

The 'App has stopped' issue is rare, but can sometimes appear on Android devices since it’s an issue with the device and its Android system.

First take out the SD-card from the device if you have one in the device. The SD-card may be corrupted and will fix the issue just by taking it out.

Next step is to force stop the app and clear the app’s cache and data. Go to the device’s Settings, then Apps & Notifications and tap the game app. Finally tap Force stop and OK. Continue to Storage & Cache and tap Clear cache and finally Clear data.

If the issue persists, try with reinstalling the app and clear the cache and data in Google Play Store as well. Go to the Google Play Store app under the Settings and tap Clear cache, Uninstall updates and finally Clear data. After this, go to the game app again under Settings and tap Uninstall. Restart the device and download the game again from Google Play Store.

If the error message still comes up, please contact Google Play Support for further assistance since this is an issue with device and the operating system and not with the app itself.

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