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Module 2: First Steps

DeepshikhaSharanDeepshikhaSharan Posts: 2,576 Level 5
edited May 2020 in Players' Corner

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Hello Everyone! And Welcome to the 2nd Module of "An Expert's Guide to The King Community!"


Now, you know a bit about the King Community. But you already might be wondering "How to get Started?".

To get started just Sign Up Here! Then go to the Community Hub and go to the Players' Corner and then you will see a discussion "Don't be Shy and Say Hi!" Just click on it! Then introduce yourself and say "Hi!"

Now when you have already posted a comment you might have got a Badge! But where do I see it? Let's see in the Next Module!

A must-see Guide for all New Bees. Start your community journey here! 🐝

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