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What king game should I play next?!

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Hi peeps! 🤗

So I decided to create this poll to see if ya'll could help me choose what King Game to play next. I've been playing CCS for more years than I can count and I love it. I had not wanted to try a new game for ever until I met my friend @Nat09 here in the Community and she finally convinced me to try CCFS. I am obsessed with it!

Now, I would like to try another King Game but don't know much about them so I'm having a hard time picking.

➡️ Help me out by voting on this Poll and feel free to leave a comment with your vote and suggestions as to why I should play the game you voted for. 

(I have not included all the King Games in the Poll as I kind of know which one I'd for sure not be interested in.)

Thanks! 🙌

Dani 🇦🇷

What king game should I play next?! 49 votes

8% 4 votes
Candy Crush Jelly Saga
14% 7 votes
Candy Crush Soda Saga
40% 20 votes
Diamond Digger Saga
2% 1 vote
Farm Heroes Saga
18% 9 votes
Pet Rescue Saga
16% 8 votes


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