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Unscrambling the scramble

Anahita_2005Anahita_2005 Posts: 15,384 Level 5
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Hi to all 👋

So another Word Game comes..it goes like:

Player 1 writes a scrambled word and then Player 2 unscrambles the word...so on to keep the game going.


If two players post a word at the same time the first words posted is accepted (the second player has the option to edit their comment).

The word must not be shorter than 4 letters but can be as long as you want so as to make the game interesting!

Tagging some friends:🤗

@LoveDachs @aijaziqbal @rock2233 @Sweetice @me6412 @Freddy_Falkner @Nck @pearl_chetna@Trish24 @rajdeeptb@mysticalmysty @frenioz00 @MAW1972 @Glenn1972 @wykoon @Nix66 @rebelchild  @hechicerilla  @kiara_wael  @Cagnes @Breee @mint_aero@little_kay @lilac1015 @rock2233

Can you bring through you tags please @Diamond Lim?

A good day to all and have fun playing! 😉🙂



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