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What a 2020?!!! 🤯

This monstrosity year has come to an end finally, and we have HOPE now for 2021 to be a little better and so happy new year everyone! 🥰

However, 2020 is my first ever year that i start working for bring so much creativity for the community and so i did four events and contests for this year!

👑 King Community Leaderboard 

It's starts on August 24th as a testing phase... Every week, there's a new leaderboard from the end of the previous weekly leaders, but i've been change that on November 1st to be as a monthly leaderboard! Every month, there will be a new leaderboard based on previous month... A month has 4 weeks, so every weekend **Sunday midnight** I will capture the weekly leaderboard and then at the end of the month, I will calculate all the 4 weekly leaderboards and then I will post it there as the final result... 😉

To learn more how it works, Check this out... HERE!

Also check the final leaderboard for this year... HERE!

🍩 Friends' Battle Royale 2020

**Starts on September 8th, ended on November 16th**

I've been working so hard for this kind of event and probably the longest creativity ever!

You need to vote for your favorite character and THE LESS VOTED ONE WILL BE ELIMINATED and a new round will be coming every week! 💗💖💝

Check this out to see how it works!

FBR 2020 is just a test to see if you like my idea or not and well get ready for the official events every year and FBR 2021 will be the first official one! 😘

🥇 Candy Crush Friends: Scrapbook Badges Contest!

I've made this contest back on August 11th, and well this is my first contest and also my first ever creativity i've made on this community! 😎

You have just to show us how many characters and costumes you have on your Scrapbook to collect the Sweetest badges made by me!

Go join with us now... HERE!

🏅 Candy Crush Saga: Candy Necklace's Badges Contest!

It has been released by @Pounawea on November 6th, and of course this contest are originally made by myself with the sweetest badges!

All you have to do is share your Candy Necklace's Win Streak screenshot and you will get the badges! 💖💗

Participate now... HERE!

That's all i've made for 2020 so far, and well there's 3 other cancelled creativities so i can't tell you about them, but that's not the end... There will be more stuff that might going to surprised you on 2021 and the first creativity will be starting on February 1st and of course it is Friends' Battle Royale 2021: Costumes Collections, and next will be my 3rd contest that will be coming on Crash Bandicoot: On the Run Community and there will more surprises... Stay tuned! 😉

So now what's your favorite event or contest!?

Let me know below in the comments with voting for your favorite one! ✊

Also don't forget to react (Sweet 👍 - Love 💗) into my poll! 🎶🎵

Let's see your sweetest comments...

See you on 2021... 💞

🍇 Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! 💎


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Updated: February 5th, 2021

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