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Closed!(reason:there are too much counting games now and this one was built by myself.)

FluzzardFluzzard Posts: 12,143 Farm Super Saga Moderator
edited March 2 in Players' Corner

Hi everyone,I know there are many counting game now.But I think many of them are just "monotone functions"😛Here is the new idea I thought just now.

Here are some rules of this thread.

1.Please type "(#n)" before the prime number you post.(It stand for you number is the number "n".)

2.calculator allowed(You can do it without calculator if you want.)😂

3.Please do not post 2 replies at once.(It has the same condition to 2,it is ok if you want when the number is over 100000)🤣

4.You can post your Prime in two format.One is the whole number and another is (2^x)-1

Have fun!😀😎🥰

Last levels in the lastest version in each game



FHSS guides about Country Show(part1),(part2),boosters and prevent a glitch of goats.

My ideas

FHS:The special round,Animal Companion

FHSS:Super Showdown,Country Show



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